Amarnath Yatra 2023 Registration, Start Date, Route, Distance, Tips

Amarnath Yatra 2024:- The Covid-19 pandemic caused a two-year suspension of the Amarnath Yatra. But, the authorities chose to restart the yatra this year. According to information on the official website, the yatra will begin on June 30 and end on August 11, 2023. Those who desire to participate in the Amarnath Yatra can now apply to start on April 11 at On June 30, 2023, the Amarnath Yatra will get started. The Yatra will end on August 11, 2023. Devotees have five days to sign up for the Yatra online via the open registration process. Read below to get detailed information related to the Shri Amarnath Yatra 2024 like highlights, Significance, Procedure for Registration Offline, Online, Registration Fees, Medical Form, Preparation Tips for, Group Registration, and much more


Amarnath Yatra 2024

The purpose of visiting Amarnath is to see Lord Shiva, who is worshipped there. The Amarnath Shrine Board is in charge of overseeing the Amarnath portal. For this, you can apply offline or online. This holy place is situated in Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir, 192230, at Batlal Amarnath Trail, Forest Block. You must pass through two of Amarnath’s holy caves on this journey. Everyone who makes the pilgrimage to Amarnath comes to behold the sight of Shiva worshippers ascending the sacred cave. The trip is 141 kilometers long and 3,888 meters in height. To get a sight of this religious landmark, everyone travels here with their family. You can view the sights at the tourist destination. Unfortunately, you must first register to do this. Also, the visitor center offers a link that will lead you to the website where you may make reservations to visit the tourist attraction.

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Shri Amarnath Yatra 2023 Details in Highlights

Name Amarnath Yatra 2023
Board Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board
Registration Starting Date 11th April 2023
Registration Last Date May 2023
Documents Required for Amarnath Yatra Registration Aadhar Card, Medical Fitness Certificate
Amarnath Yatra Starting Date 11 June 2023
Amarnath Yatra Ending Date July 2023
Registration Fees 100/- Rupees
Official Website

Significance of Amarnath Yatra 2024

From the Kashmir valley, pilgrims travel on the Amarnath Yatra to the Amarnath Temple in the Himalayas. The Amarnath Yatra is among the most significant Hindu pilgrimages, and it is believed that anyone who completes the journey would ultimately achieve Moksha or Nirvana. The 10-day Amarnath Yatra starts on the full moon day of the month of Ashwin (July or August). Seeing numerous temples and monasteries, the pilgrim journey through the Kashmir valley while staying the night. They arrive at the Amarnath Temple on the last day of their trek. Here, they pray to Lord Amarnath, the temple’s preeminent deity.

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Procedure for Amarnath Yatra 2023 Registration Offline

For offline registration for the Amarnath Yatra 2023, there are roughly 446 Punjab National Bank branches, Jammu and Kashmir Bank branches, and Yes Bank branches. Nonetheless, we advise our readers to research the Amarnath Yatra Opening and Closing Dates 2023 online before proceeding with the application procedure. You can also pay the registration fee online using a method like net banking, a debit card, a credit card, or the UPI option that is provided on this portal link. It is now possible to reserve tickets using an internet platform for individuals who desire to embark on a meaningful journey and purchase a package for the Amarnath Yatra in 2023. Because registration for the Amarnath Yatra opened on April 11, 2023, it is anticipated that more pilgrims will travel this year.

Steps to Register for Amarnath Yatra 2023 Online

To register for Amarnath Yatra 2023 online, the user needs to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board i.e.,
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen
  • Click on the Register button
  • A new page will open on the screen with the instructions
  • Read and accept the instructions and click on the Register button
  • The registration form will open on the screen
  • Select the Route of Yatra and Date of Yatra, and click on the Check Availability button
  • Now after checking the availability, fill in the form with all the required details:
    • yatri’s Full Name
    • Father / Husband’s Name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Mobile No
    • Email id
    • Aadhar No
    • State/UT
    • District:
    • Name of Next of Kin
    • Relationship With Kin
    • Blood Group
    • Yatri Address
    • Medical details
  • After that upload all the required documents
  • Finally, enter the captcha code and click on the Submit button to complete the process
  • The travelers will receive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags following successful registration. It will monitor the pilgrims’ movements.
  • Four passport-size photos plus a medical certificate from a specialist doctor or organization are requirements for yatris.

Registration Fees for the Amarnath Pilgrimage

The registration cost for this year is 120 rupees per person, according to ANI. Those who registered for the yatra in 2021 will now need to pay 20 rupees as the previous registration fee was only 100 rupees

Medical Form for Amarnath Yatra 2024

When you register, a questionnaire asking about your health and any illnesses you may have must be filled out. When registering if you are ill, you will need to present a written note from your doctor. The target audience for this trip is anyone from 13 to 75. You are not permitted to take part in this tour if you are pregnant or have any other health issues. Also, each passenger must provide a Compulsory Health Certificate (CHO) and a passport-sized photo.

Prepration Tips for Amarnath Yatra 2024

If you are planning for the Amarnath Yatra 2023, then you must consider the below-given points:

  • It is suggested that you become fit before the Yatra.
  • At least one month before the Yatra, you should begin taking a morning or evening walk.
  • Start doing yoga and deep breathing techniques to increase your body’s ability to utilize oxygen
  • To prevent headaches and dehydration, consume roughly 5 liters of liquids daily.
  • You should quickly descend to a lower elevation if you are feeling sick and have altitude sickness symptoms.
  • Consume lots of carbohydrates to stave off weariness and low blood sugar.
  • Contact a medical facility right away if you feel any discomfort or signs of high altitude sickness.

Group Registration Guidelines for the Amarnath Yatra 2024

  • The Chief Executive Officer, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board, Chaitanya Ashram, Talab Tillo, Jammu, and K-Villa Sohrawardy House, Shivpuri, can be contacted by registered mail if Yatris intend to participate in the Shri Amarnath Yatra in 2023 in a group of five or more people and are unable to obtain Yatra Permits from the nearest bank branches because the allotted number of vacancies (registration
  • The Group Registration begins on a date that SASB will announce and ends on that same day
  • A maximum of 50 registrations per group per day per route will be allowed, and group registration will be done on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the date- and route-specific vacancies (Registration quota/ slots) available for a given day/ particular route
  • The Group Leader (one of the intended pilgrims of the group) must deliver the following documentation for each member of the Group via registered mail to the specified address:
    • Application Forms
    • Authentic copies of the mandatory Compulsory Health Certificates (CHCs) issued by accredited medical facilities or authorized physicians.
    • Each applicant must provide four passport-sized photos, one of which must have their signature on the front
    • Group Lead’s Mailing Address, Mobile number, and E-mail ID.
  • The Yatra Registration Fee and Postal Charges payable to the SASB must be delivered in the form of a bank draught made out to the Chief Accounting Officer, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board.
  • No one under the age of 13 or older than 75, nor any female who is more than six weeks pregnant, is permitted to register for the Yatra.
  • The application forms, mandatory health certificates, and registration fee will be returned to the group leader via registered mail if there are no openings (registration quota/slots) for the date for which registration has been requested by the group. If this is the case, the group leader will be contacted over the phone and informed about the next slot that will allow for group registration. This will be done and submitted to the Group Leader via registered mail if he agrees to request Registration on a date for which there is still room.
  • Only CHCs issued after a specific date set by SASB would be accepted for Yatra 2023 registration.
  • Just the day and route for which a yatri has registered will be allowed for him or her to start their yatra.
  • Any postal delays are not the Chief Executive Officer of the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board’s responsibility.

Group Registration Charges

No persons in a Group Postal charges
1 to 5 members Rs 50/-
6 to 10 members Rs 100/-
11 to15 members Rs 150/-
16 to 20 members Rs 200/-
21 to 25 members Rs 250/-
26 to 30 members and so on Rs 300/-