APSPDCL Bill Payment 2024। How to Pay Online Andhra Pradesh Electricity Bill

APSPDCL Electricity Bill – The state-owned electricity distribution business that provides service to Andhra Pradesh’s five southern districts is called Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (APSPDCL). These districts are Nellore, Kadapa, Chittoor, Anantapur, and Kurnool. It was established on April 1, 2000.


APSPDCL Electricity Bill 2024

As the Andhra Pradesh government announced the formation of distribution companies on March 31, 2000, the Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company was established on April 1. With its main office in Tirupati, the APSPDCL was established for the six districts of Andhra Pradesh.

After Andhra Pradesh was divided into the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in 2014, the Southern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited was expanded to include the districts of Ananthapur and Kurnool. The APSPDCL currently serves the districts of Krishna, Prakasam, Guntur, Nellore, and Kadapa. In addition to information, the official website of APSPDCL offers a number of convenient ways for you to pay for your electricity account.


Details of APSPDCL Electricity Bill

Name APSPDCL Electricity Bill
Company Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (APSPDCL)
State Andhra Pradesh
Department Energy
Functioning years 2000 – Present
Official Website www.apspdcl.in

Where can I pay my APSPDCL Bill Online?

Follow the instructions below to pay your APSPDCL bill online.

  • From the home page, select “Pay Bill Online.”
  • There will be a new page.
  • From the list of options, you can select BillDesk, APOnline, Paytm, or Transaction assured; alternatively, you can scan the QR code that is displayed on the page.
  • To successfully pay your power bills online, enter your service number and captcha.

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How to use BillDesk to pay your APSPDCL Bill?

Follow the instructions below topay your APSPDCL bill.

  • First of all, go to the BillDesk website to make an online payment.
  • Your service number and the captcha code must be entered before you can click the “Submit” button.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to properly pay the payment using BillDesk.

How do I use APOnline to pay my APSPDCL bill?

Follow the instructions below topay yourAPSPDCL bill.

  • First of all, go to the APT website.
  • Your User ID, password, and the captcha code are needed to log into the portal.
  • You must adhere to the directions that appear on the screen in order to correctly pay your power bill.

How can I pay my APSPDCL bill securely through a transaction?

Follow the instructions below to pay your APSPDCL bill securely through a transaction.

  • Visit TA Wallet Portal.
  • Choose your desired service provider.
  • Enter your service number, then select “Request Bill Amount” from the menu.
  • By following the instructions displayed on the screen, you can pay your APSPDCL electricity bill.

How do I use Paytm to pay my APSPDCL bill?

Follow the instructions below to use Paytm to pay your APSPDCL bill.

  • Visit Paytm’s section for paying electric bills.
  • Choose the electrical board and your state.
  • Type your customer number.
  • Choose “Proceed”
  • By following the instructions on the screen, you can pay your APSPDCL power bill.

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How to use a mobile app to pay an APSPDCL bill?

Follow the instructions below touse a mobile app to pay an APSPDCL bill.

  • Visit the payment page on the official APSPDCL website.
  • Verify the QR code.
  • Install the app
  • To log in, use the app.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to pay your APSPDCL electricity bill.

How do I pay my electricity payment with APSPDCL offline?

Follow the instructions below topay your electricity payment with APSPDCL offline.

  • You must go to the Southern Power Distribution Co Ltd (APSPDCL) office that is the closest to you to pay your power bill in cash, by demand draft, or with a check.

How can I view APSPDCL online bill payment?

Follow the instructions below toview APSPDCL online bill payment.

  • Use these steps to view or check your APSPDCL bill payment history:
  • Visit the APSPDCL webpage.
  • Choose the “Know Your Bill” link on the homepage.
  • Select between paying bills using LT or HT.
  • To log in, enter your credentials.
  • After logging in, select “Menu.”
  • Go to “Bills and payments.”
  • Choose the month for which you want to examine the payment of the bills.
  • Please enter your customer number.
  • To view your APSPDCL bill payment history, click on “View bill.” If you like, you can even decide to download the receipt.

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How can I apply for a new connection with APSPDCL?

  • Go to the APSPDCL website.
  • Choose “New Connection” by simply clicking on the main page.
  • Choose “Online New Connection Registration for LT” from the list of choices.
  • You’ll be taken to a different page.
  • To properly apply for the new connection, carefully enter all the necessary information.

Points to be noted

  • Verify that all of the information you’ve provided is accurate and complete before sending in your response.
  • Regardless of who caused the error, the applicant will be held entirely liable for any wrong or missing information.
  • The applicant should note the request-id because doing so will enable future follow-up on the application.
  • Your inquiry will be routed to the proper APSPDCL field office once the necessary details on the closest consumer number have been provided.
  • Both a cell phone number and an email address must be provided.
  • Any requests for refunds that are made after the payment transaction has been completed will not be taken into account by us.

Contact Information

For further details contact below address:

Address: Southern Power Distribution Company Of A.P. Limited 19-13-65/A Srinivasapuram Tiruchanoor Road TIRUPATI – 517 503 Chittoor DistA.P., INDIA

Customer Care: 1800-4251-55333, 1912

Email ID: customercare@southernpowerap.co.in


What does the APSPDCL bill’s service number mean? The service number is the unique account number given to the customer by the APSPDCL board when the new connection was made. It is frequently referred to as a consumer number. Can I submit a fresh APSPDCL application online? Sure, it’s simple to sign up online for a new APSPDCL connection. Can I switch to Andhra Pradesh for my power connection? In order to move your power connection to Andhra Pradesh, you must apply in person at your local electricity office. While completing the application, provide the necessary documentation to the appropriate authority.