E Laabh Telangana, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Portal for Cash Disbursement

E Laabh Telangana – On October 3, 2022, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development and Fisheries introduced a new program called e-Laabh. The purpose of this software was to facilitate the payment of subsidies to selected recipients in the form of cash rather than goods. Farmers will be able to purchase cow feed directly from the market thanks to e-Laabh. The program guarantees that farmers who are engaged in animal husbandry get assistance, as well as comprehensive facilities, in order for them to be able to properly care for their animals. In today’s article, we will talk about the E Laabh Telangana Portal and how to use it.


E Laabh Telangana Portal

E Laabh Telangana is a web-based benefits management system that was developed for the welfare of dairy farmers and fishermen for the purpose of sanctioning and releasing subsidies under different programs. E-laabh is given by the government of Telangana in a way that is very objective and transparent.

Currently, the department is in the process of putting the Sunandini program into action in order to boost milk production and ensure the healthy development of calves into young buffaloes via the provision of mineral-rich cattle feed. Cattle fodder for two young cows is provided to each farmer as part of the program. The department will provide the feed purchased from the vendors at a cost of 6,000 yen per unit for a period of two years. The government provides a subsidy of 75% to SC and ST farmers while only providing a subsidy of 50% to other farmers.

Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme

elaabh.telangana.gov.in Online Procedure Explained

  • Through this online application system, dairy farmers and fishermen are required to register their personal information as a one-time measure. The farmer’s registration and acknowledgment are both generated by the AI system, and the citizen is notified of both through text message.
  • The applications that are submitted in accordance with the different schemes using this system will be examined by the officials to determine whether or not they are eligible.
  • The citizen will get an SMS acknowledgment after the application has been received.
  • All of the applications that meet the requirements will be evaluated according to the amount of money that is available in the budget, plus subsidies that will be directly deposited into their bank accounts. The subsidy recipient will be notified by text message as soon as the subsidy has been approved.
  • The subsidy component will be utilized by the beneficiary, along with his own contribution, in order to procure the goods and services in accordance with the norms of the scheme.
  • The beneficiary will then upload the bills to an online platform as evidence of having used the subsidy for the purpose for which it was intended.
  • In the event that the bills are not uploaded, the beneficiary will be ineligible for any further schemes until such time as they have uploaded the correct invoices.
  • Once the verification is complete, the cash transfer will get underway on March 1.

E Laabh Telangana Benefits

Benefits of the portal include:

  • Through the portal dairy farmers can register the details. After that they can buy feed from any place of choice from the market and after paying just have to upload it.
  • Because of this new approach of Portal, there won’t be a need to make several trips to the government office, and there won’t be any needless opportunities to physically interact with government apparatus. As a result, the illnesses connected with having too much physical engagement with government machinery will be greatly reduced.
  • Additionally, time and money will be saved by beneficiaries as a result of this Portal.
  • In order to maintain a high degree of impartiality and openness in the decision-making process, the system was created using the First In, First Out concept.
  • Portal will create the conditions for more governance to be achieved with less government involvement. As there will be a proper overview and total transparency.
  • In order to make the ideal of good governance a reality, let us all work together and transition to an online system.

TS Aasara Pension Status

E-Laabh Telangana Eligibilities

A dairy farmer might register the following information:

  • including their Aadhaar number
  • bank account information, at a local Mee Seva facility
  • And Mobile Number.

E Laabh Telangana Online Registration Process

  • To begin the process of registering for the program, prospective participants must first go to the official website of E-Laabh of Telangana. The home page will load up next.
  • Furthermore, on the main page, you will need to choose the registration of fission and then click on the electricity tariff subsidy plan.
  • There will be a new page that opens.
  • You have to choose the kind of registration first, so if you wish to keep a journal, make sure you choose the corresponding radio choice. After that, pick the form type that is located under the diary.
  • Following the selection of the kind of company, a form will be shown down below.
  • You are required to fill in all of the necessary personal data, as well as details about the animals, milk output, and electricity supply.
  • And last, after completing all of the required fields, you will need to choose the “send OTP” button. Additionally, recognise the OTP. After that, the court will successfully register you as a party in their system.