EWS Certificate 2024 – Application Process, Eligibility

EWS Certificate – The Depressed and Economically Weak Section (EWS) is a public category. EWS is a certification that reserves housing for low-income households. EWS may be a booking subcategory. This 2019 EWS Certificate Application Form reservation plan is an example. In India, the central government makes an effort to cover people who belong to lower-income groups by offering them a good education, financial support, job opportunities, etc. However, for citizens to make use of these benefits, they are required to apply for an “EWS Certificate” that is signed by the Indian government. This certificate is then given to the citizen after the Indian government verifies the application. In today’s article, we will learn what EWS Certificate is and what its objectives and benefits are.


What is EWS Certificate 2024

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar added reservation criteria to the Indian Constitution in 1950 to encourage society’s weaker sections like the Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), Backward Classes (BCs), and Economically Weak Classes (EWS) by giving them a chance to defend their rights and display their hidden talent. Residents must meet India’s qualifying requirements to get an EWS certificate. The President of India approved the EWS Law on January 12, 2019. Gujarat passed this law on January 14. Through the EWS Certificate, people who qualify can get a 10% reservation in direct enrollment for common jobs and administrations.

Candidates need to provide a valid EWS Certificate that was granted by the relevant authorities to claim the advantage of the 10% EWS reservation in any government employment or admission to higher education. This is required to claim the benefit of the reservation. This certification is valid for life, however, it must be renewed and updated. This Income and Asset Certificate is valid for one year and must be updated. Click to check about ” Mera Ration Mera Adhikar Yojana “

Economically Weaker Section Certificate Details in Overview

launched by The Central Government of India
Reservation Category Economically Weaker Sections (EWS)
Certificate Name EWS Certificate
Objective 10% reservation in jobs, institutions
Application Online/Offline
Certificate expiry After a year, it needs to be validated.
Web site https://services.india.gov.in/

EWS Certificate Objectives

The mission of EWS is to provide benefits to the poorest citizens of the nation in every respect. There are a significant number of people living in this nation who do not belong to any of the scheduled castes, yet whose economic circumstances are just as deplorable. There are people who fall into such a broad group who are in a precarious financial situation, and if they have an EWS certificate that was granted by the government, they are eligible for a 10% reservation benefit. The candidate is only eligible for an EWS reservation if he has a certificate proving that his income and property are legitimate, and with the assistance of this certificate, he is not only eligible for employment and education, but also for a variety of other government programs.

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EWS Certificate Benefits

We have compiled a list of some of the most important advantages of the certificate that applicants will get after submitting an application for the EWS Certificate.

  • Candidates have the ability to inquire about their rights regarding a variety of government programs.
  • Those who are in need of financial assistance will also get assistance via the reserve.
  • All central institutions that fall under the UGC’s jurisdiction must follow the EWS reservation and give seats to students in the EWS category.
  • Additionally, the applicant may be eligible for a certain level of subsidy on the programs that are offered by the Central and State governments for the betterment of the locals.

EWS Certificate Eligibility

  • Indian nationals who are not covered by SC, ST, or OBC reservations and have a household gross income below Rs. 8 lakh per year are eligible for EWS reservation requirements.
  • EWS is for only one general category.
  • A beneficiary is considered to be part of the general category.
  • It is recommended that your annual income be less than Rs. 8 lakhs (eight lakhs only).
  • Land Used for Agriculture That Is Less Than 5 Acres (Five Acres).
  • It is less than one thousand square feet of residential floor space.
  • It is recommended that the residential plot area be less than one hundred square yards.

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Documents Required for Economically Weaker Section Certificate

The following is a list of the identifying papers that are required for an EWS certificate.

  • For identification Aadhar Card is a must
  • Voter ID Card
  • All educational records, such as mark sheets and higher certificates,
  • certificate issued by two different Gazette officers.
  • 1551 and the Income Tax Return Payment
  • Photographs
  • Ration card
  • Residential certificate
  • There is a court stamp fee of 2 / – with the application form duly filled.
  • In accordance with a government order, a non-judicial document declaration fee of Rs.10/– (GO)

How to Apply Online for EWS Certificate

  • To begin, you will need to go on over to the main page of the AP Meeseva portal‘s official website. When you click this again, the homepage of the website will load up in front of you.
  • You are required to make “Revenue Department” one of the selectable options on the homepage of the website. When you click this, a new page will load in the window in front of you.
  • You may see the whole range of services offered by the Revenue Department on this website, where you will need to choose the INCOME CERTIFICATE option using the drop-down menu.
  • You should now see the application form on a new page that has opened up in front of you at this point.
  • Complete this application by providing the requested information, including your full name, the names of your parents and/or spouse, your Aadhaar number, your gender, age, DOB, etc.
  • After you have uploaded the necessary papers, go to the page labeled “Show Payment.” Finally, make your payment and then click the button labeled “Confirm Payment” to complete the payment confirmation process.
  • This way, your application process for EWS will be completed and you can check the status of your application online for approval.

Note: The above statement is for illustration purposes only.

EWS Certificate Offline Application process

  • You should begin by going to the local “meeseva center” as soon as possible because the offline method is the only way to apply for EWS.
  • Now, get the application form for the Advanced Placement Examination Writing Section from the designated authority.
  • After that, ensure that your handwriting is legible and that this EWS Application Form is formatted correctly. Fill out the form with a ballpoint pen.
  • Following that, affix all of the necessary documents, which we have discussed in the above documents needed section. Remember to self-attest your scanned documents.
  • Finally, hand this completely filled out form to the person in charge of communication in the meeseva center.

Economically Weaker Section Certificate New Registration

  • To begin with, it is necessary for you to go to the official website of the EWS. After that, the homepage will load in its entirety in front of you.
  • You will need to choose the New Registration option on the homepage in order to continue.
  • When you click this, a new page will load in the window in front of you. Initiation of Registration
  • On this page, you are required to input all of the requested information. You must now choose the “submit” option from the menu.
  • The new user registration procedure will be finished as soon as you choose the “submit” option in the form that’s been shown to you. You may now register your new business using this method.