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Gujarat Career Portal – Happy news for students of Gujarat state, as a new portal called Gujarat Career Portal has been launched just for them. With the help of this site, students who are having trouble will be able to find the college or school of their dreams. Students in the state of Gujarat now have access to a new website that might assist them in making decisions on their future careers. The website for students is called, and it was just introduced by the state government of Gujarat. This website has an app that serves a similar purpose. In this article, we will talk about the Gujarat Career Guidance Portal goals and benefits. Not only that, but we will also talk in-depth about the portal services.


Gujarat Career Guidance Portal

All of you people know that in our nation, the Central and State governments have both started programs to aid residents. The government has also set up online services for students, such as scholarship applications and training programs. Similarly, the state government of Gujarat started the Gujarat Career Portal App, which lets students talk to their respective teachers. The Government of Gujarat has released the New Career Portal 2022-23 for the students of the state. This job site was created by the Department of Education of the Gujarat Government in partnership with UNICEF. The Gujarat Career Portal will make it simple to have access to information on a variety of professional paths. In addition to that, students will also have the option to gather information about a variety of schools and institutions via the use of this site.

Students get access to information on more than 550 different job options via the Gujarat Career Portal. Students will have access to a total of over 21,000 different schools of higher education and training institutes. The online resource for career counseling provides information about more than one thousand undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational institutions located across the state and the nation. The Portal has information about 1,150 entrance exams, such as how to apply for each one. This website also has information about more than 1,120 grants, fellowships, and contests for students in India and other countries who want to go to college.

Students who come from low-income households and are living below the federal poverty line are eligible to use the resources provided by the website, which is the reason the government decided to develop this portal. Students may get information about their future careers, college entrance examinations, scholarship opportunities, professional careers, and more with the assistance of this site.

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Details of Gujarat Career Portal

Name of the portal Gujarat Career Portal
Launched By The State Government of Gujarat
Size of App 24 MB
Beneficiaries Students of state, especially from 9th to 12th
Objective Career Counseling
Official Website

Gujarat Career Portal Objectives

The primary goal of establishing this portal is to provide students with the ability to communicate with their instructors in order to ensure that they continue to get assistance in their studies. Basically, the students get a career counselor. This portal has set a goal of making it possible for students who come from low-income households and are currently living below the poverty line to continue their education. Beneficiaries are able to get information on topics such as careers, college entrance examinations, scholarships, professional careers, and more via this site, which also assists beneficiaries who are qualified to continue their education and find work.

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Gujarat Career Portal Benefits

The principal characteristics of the site are as follows:

  • It is the goal of the portal to make various resources available to students in grades 9 through 12.
  • One of the most significant advantages provided by the platform is career counseling.
  • Students will get direction from the professors in their respective areas, who will work closely with them to provide guidance.
  • Additionally, the portal would make it possible to engage in conversation with illustrious figures and get advice from instructors at well-known professional and vocational schools.
  • Students would be able to have a deeper understanding of the prospective study and employment choices available to them.
  • Through this online platform, UNICEF is dedicated to supporting learning initiatives of the highest quality.
  • The Portal lists 1,150 college entrance examinations and 1,120 awards, fellowships, and competitions for Indian and international students.

Gujarat Career Portal Eligibility

You will need to satisfy the eligibility requirements outlined above in order to make use of the career services offered by this website;

  • The candidate has to be a long-term resident of the state in order to be considered.
  • If the students in the state of Gujarat wish to apply on this site and get the benefits it offers, then they will need to look at their paperwork from the ninth grade up to the twelfth grade.
  • Applicants must be school students.

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Gujarat Career Guidance Portal Documents

The documents needed for the portal are as follows:

  • ID proof.
  • Student proof
  • Marks sheet of any one of the 9th/10th/11th/12th classes.
  • Mobile number.
  • Email ID optional.

How to Login on Gujarat Career Portal

  • First, visit Gujarat Career Portal’s website. The site’s homepage will open.
  • On the homepage, click log in. A new page opens.
  • On this screen, enter your login, password the login credentials, and then click the login button.
  • You will be successfully logged in.

How to Find Anything at Gujarat Career Portal

  • First, go to the website for Gujarat Career Portal. The home page of the site will open. Click “Login” on the home page. There’s a new page.
  • On this screen, enter your login, password, and other login information, and then click the login button.
  • After you have been logged In to the search box on the dashboard, applicants can look for a college, a scholarship, or an entrance exam.
  • If you look for an engineering school, you’ll get a list of all of them.
  • Then, candidates can look at the college directory, test information, scholarship information, and so on.

Gujarat Career Portal App Download

  • On the Google Playstore application, type “Gujarat Career App.”
  • Then, you must click the “install” option to download the application to your mobile device.
  • By installing this application, you may use its services without leaving your home.
  • This allows users to download the Gujarat Career Portal App.