How to Apply for PRAN Card

PRAN Card – Indian government officials introduced the National Pension System (NPS) in 2004. By making yearly deposits during their working years, people who are currently employed can build a retirement corpus under this pension plan. This program was first only available to government workers, but later it was made available to workers in every industry.

Individuals can make yearly payments in a profitable route that would produce market-linked returns through the National Pension System. These returns would build up into a sizable corpus that people might use to finance their post-retirement lifestyle. People must have a Permanent Retirement Account to which they can apply for a Permanent Retirement Account Number card, or PRAN card, in order to join the NPS.


About PRAN Card

Each NPS subscriber receives a personalized 12-digit number known as their Permanent Retirement Account Number. There can only be one PRAN active at a time per person. This number is reachable from any location in India and is active for as long as a subscriber is a member.

Furthermore, a PRAN must be held by every NPS subscriber by law. They may also have a PRAN card, which is the actual PRAN document if they choose. A subscriber to a Permanent Retirement Account may hold either Tier I or Tier II accounts. Under NPS, the former account type is required. The subscriber must make their yearly contributions to this account for retirement money. As a result, before retirement, no one may withdraw money from their Tier-I account. A voluntary savings account is the second kind of account. As a result, an account holder may withdraw money at any moment. Additionally, it has no tax advantages, unlike the balance of a Tier-I account, which is deductible from taxes.

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Details of Permanent Retirement Account Number Card

Name PRAN Card
Full form Permanent Retirement Account Number
Application mode Online/offline
Needed for State and Central government employees
Official Website

How to Apply for a PRAN Card?

Both online and offline applications for PRAN cards are accepted by people. Below is a procedure of both methods.

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Offline Process

For the offline option, people must go to a PoP, or Point of Presence, that is authorised by the National Pension System (NPS). There, they must complete Annexure S1 of the NPS Application Form, which is the PRAN card application form. The following is included in the application form:

  • Applicant’s personal details
  • Applicant’s employment details
  • Applicant’s nomination details
  • Details of the scheme
  • Declaration made by the subscriber to the PRFDA (Pension Regulatory Fund and Development Authority)
  • The applicant must deliver the completed PRAN application form to the appropriate official.

Online Process

A National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) user can open a Permanent Retirement Account online by going to the NSDL website . It serves as the portal for all NPS-related activities and is the Central Record-keeping Agency (CRA) registered with the NPS.

  • Either a PAN number or an Aadhaar number can be used when a person applies for an NSDL PRAN. The two techniques are listed below.

PRAN Card Application with PAN

When requesting a Permanent Retirement Account Number Card via PAN, the following considerations must be made by the applicant:

  • An applicant must have a bank account with an impaneled Bank for KYC verification in order to submit an application via PAN.
  • The KYC verification will be carried out by the bank that the applicant selects during the registration procedure.
  • Additionally, applicants should be aware that the name and address they provide during registration must correspond with the records kept by the relevant bank.
  • All required information must be entered by applicants online.
  • PAN cards and canceled checks must be uploaded by applicants.
  • Candidates must scan their signature and upload it together with their photo.
  • A payment link will then be opened for applicants to make a deposit toward their National Pension System account.
  • They can choose to eSign the registration form or Print and Courier it to CRA.
  • In addition, PRA contributions are credited in T+2, or two days, following the date of payment.

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Permanent Retirement Account Number Card Application using Aadhaar card

This approach uses an OTP for the KYC verification. This OTP is delivered to the registered and saved mobile number in the Aadhaar database. Following confirmation, the online form is automatically filled with all applicant information stored in the Aadhaar database.

The applicant must complete the remaining fields in the application form before uploading their scanned signature. Such a candidate would then be directed to the payment gateway to complete the application.

Documents Required

Following documents t are required for Permanent Retirement Account Number Card application:

  • PAN
  • Aadhaar card
  • Scanned copy of a cancelled cheque
  • Scanned signature
  • Scanned photograph
  • Scanned passport – it is mandatory for NRI applicants

How Can I Print an e-PRAN Card?

Read the below steps if you want to print an e-PRAN.

  • By selecting “Print and Courier” from the “eSign / Print and Courier” tab, applicants can have a printed PRAN card couriered to them. They could also print the e-PRAN as an alternative.
  • Applicants must log in to their NPS account and choose the “Print e-PRAN” option to accomplish this. Additionally, they can start an e-PRAN card download to store a digital version on their smartphones.
  • This PRAN card is crucial to have because it connects to your NPS account. Additionally, it is one of the crucial records that must be submitted when someone makes a post-retirement claim from their NPS account.

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How to Monitor Dispatch Status?

A PRAN card is typically sent to the appropriate nodal office by the responsible authorities within 20 days of the day the CRA-FC office receives the completely completed registration form.

As a result, an applicant can speak with their specific nodal office about the status of their PRAN card. As an alternative, they can check the status of their PRAN card online. They must go to the NPS-NSDL portal and search for “Track the status of PRAN Card” to do this.

When users arrive at the webpage, they must input their PRAN and the captcha before clicking “Submit”. The applicant is then able to see the status of their PRAN card.

Activation Process

Using the “eSign” option to electronically sign the paperwork is the simplest way to activate a PRAN card. The methods below can be used by a candidate who applied for a PRAN card using their Aadhaar number to activate their PRAN card:

  • On the “eSign / Print and Courier” page, select the “eSign” option.
  • For the purpose of activating the PRAN card, an OTP will be provided to the applicant’s Aadhaar-registered mobile number.
  • Such an applicant must enter that OTP in the field.
  • The applicant’s PRAN card will be activated upon OTP verification, and he or she will receive a confirmation of this. There may be a small fee associated with the activation process.

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