IGR Kerala – Fair Value of Land, Encumbrance Certificate EC Search

IGR Kerala – With India reaching new heights of innovation and digitization, and now the state government keeping things in mind has started to digitize the land registration department. Checking the fair value of the land on which stamp duty and registration are dependent in Kerala seems to be something that may be done using the IGR Kerala webpage. Document registration in Kerala has brought in a total of Rs 1,22,101.46 lakh so far this fiscal year (as of July 5, 2022), bringing the total amount received to date to Rs 1,22,101.46 lakh. Document registration and the payment of stamp duty, on the other hand, are handled through a different site in the state. Let’s learn more about the operation of IGR Kerala and the services that are available to the citizens of the state.


IGR Kerala 2024

The Government of Kerala’s Registration Department is in charge of keeping the IGR Kerala website up-to-date and in good shape. The Web address can be found at www.igr.kerala.gov.in. The IGR Kerala registration website has eliminated the possibility of falsification while also increasing transparency throughout the process. IGR Kerala maintains not one but two websites, one of which can assist in determining the current value of a piece of property and the other of which is used for the registration process. On this page, we will see all the procedures to apply for an EC certificate and check its status as well.

The IGR Kerala website provides: encumbrance certificates (EC) and stamp duty/registration fees; property registration documents; and marriage registration paperwork. At the moment, both men and women in Kerala have to pay 8% of the value of their property as stamp duty. When a man and a woman buy a house together, they have to pay 8% of stamp duty. But there aren’t many states that give discounts to women who own cars. Stamp duty in Kerala is presently 8% of the value of a home or other property. This is true for both men and women. When a man and a woman buy a house together, they have to pay 8% in stamp duty.

Kerala Land Records

IGR Kerala: Procedure to Determine the Land’s Fair Value

You will need to complete the following procedures in order to verify the market value of the land using the IGR Kerala portal:

  • The first thing a user needs to do is go on over to the IGR Kerala official website.
  • The homepage will appear.
  • The second step is to click the link that says “Click Here to Search for a Fair Value of Land.”
  • At this point, a new page will load, on which you will be required to enter information such as applicants’ district, RDO, taluk, village, land type, block number, and survey number, among other things.
  • Now, choose the view FairValue tab by clicking on it.
  • After clicking the you will be sent to a new page that shows the findings of the Kerala land fair value.

IGR Kerala: Property Registration

Follow the steps as shown below

  • Navigate to the official website of the Registration Department in the state of Kerala.
  • Navigate to the menu bar and choose Online Applications. This will cause a new webpage to load.
  • Click on the Online Document Details Entry to proceed to the next step. To successfully log in, enter your login information. If you have not yet signed in, the first thing you need to do is register.
  • At this point, choose the time slot that will be used for the property registration. You are required to attend the SRO office on the day and at the hour that was specified.
  • a popup labeled “transaction Kind Selection” will pop up. Carefully choose the appropriate type of transaction.
  • Specify the information of the presenter, the property, the witness, the stamp, and the document. In the next box, choose the method of payment that is most convenient for you, and then complete the transaction online.
  • Obtain a printout of an acknowledgment sheet, which should include information such as the Reference number of the department, the Date and time of the presentation, and the location of the presentation.

Income Certificate Kerala

IGR Kerala Documents Required:

  • A NOC is required if the property cannot be transacted
  • Originals and copies of previous Title Deeds
  • Proof of identity for everyone
  • PAN Card of parties involved or individual.
  • Adhaar card.
  • A copy of the deed from the office of registration
  • An application of mutation- a copy

Form IB

  • Copy as well as original Building valuation certificate. The certificate should be approved under section 28B or 28C of the Stamp Act

For Form I

  • A request for TRR (Mutation). It needs to be sent online to the Revenue Department.

For Form No. 58.

  • It is a declaration regarding excess land. Both copies sign this form.

For Form 60 (IT)

  • is required if any party does not hold a PAN card and the transaction amount exceeds Rs 10 lakh.

IGR Kerala Encumbrance Certificate

  • Select “Encumbrance Certificate” under Certificates. Submit an EC Application.
  • The page will then redirect.
  • The Encumbrance Certificate application requires district and personal status.
  • Redirected to the new tab. The Encumbrance Certificate application requires district, personal information, document details, property details, fee details, etc. After entering all the details, validate and click “Submit Application”.
  • After submitting an EC application, you may see and print the Acknowledgement for future reference.
  • Docs needed under the EC are Property details, A registered deed with the date mentioned, a copy of the previously executed deed, address proof, and Volume/CD number.

Viewing Encumbrance Certificate Status

The site lets you track your encumbrance certificate application. Checking status:

  • Go to the official website.
  • Under Encumbrance and Certificates, Choose EC Status.
  • Enter Transaction ID and click Check Status.
  • The application status will be shown now.
  • The certificate issued will be written. Download the certificate too.
  • Click “Certificate Download.”

E-Rekha Kerala Land Records

You can verify land details using a third-party Kerala Land Records smartphone app. Since the state government has not released the mobile app, use it with caution. This Kerala land records mobile app has these main features and services.

  • Quick Sign-Up: The mobile app lets you register in a few clicks by entering personal information and address etc.
  • Real-Time Updates: The Kerala Land Records mobile app is completely linked with the IGR Kerala website.
  • Save/Download: The E-Rekha mobile app lets you see and save or download Kerala Land Records.
  • This Kerala Land Records smartphone app has easy navigation. This functionality lets app users quickly reach the right data segment. The UI is very smooth and anyone can use it.