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MPIGR 2024 – In India, each state has an Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS), who is in charge of collecting taxes on all transactions involving real estate. Keeping track of all real estate transactions in the state is another duty of the IGRS. All property-related transactions in Madhya Pradesh are subject to stamp duty and registration fees, which are levied by the state agency known as the MPIGR. The official website of MPIGR is Read below to get detailed information related to the MPIGR like highlights, objectives, Services Offered, Benefits and Features, Benefits, and Features, Steps to Register Property Online, Steps to Verify E-stamp, MPIGR Land Mutation Charges, and much more


MPIGR 2024 – Stamp Duty and Registration

One of the most significant and financially successful divisions in Madhya Pradesh is the MPIGR, or Madhya Pradesh Inspector General of Registration, which is under the Department of Registration and Stamps (MPIGRS). The zonal Deputy Inspector General of Registration is in charge of the four regional offices that the Department of Registration maintains in Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, and Indore. There are 234 Sub Registrar offices and 51 District Registrar offices in the state. All officers are under the direction of the Inspector-General of Registration, whose office is located in Bhopal. The MPIGR also serves as Madhya Pradesh’s main repository for land and property records.

MP Bhulekh Land Record Portal Details in Highlights

Full Name Madhya Pradesh Inspector General of Registration
Department Department of Registration and Stamps (MPIGRS)
State Madhya Pradesh
Official Website

MPIGR Objective

To make property registration in MP easier, the government of Madhya Pradesh (MP), through the Registration and Stamps Department, launched the MPIGR portal. MPIGR Login allows residents of MP to access several resources.


Services Offered

Some of the important services offered by the MPIGR to the citizens are as follows:

  • Property registration
  • E-stamp Verification
  • Document search
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Stamp duty and registration fee payment
  • RERA registration details
  • Stamp duty calculation
  • Guideline value
  • Property Tax Payment
  • Agricultural land conversion check
  • Khasara numbers check

Benefits and Features of MP Stamp Duty and Registration

Some of the key benefits and features of MPIGR are as follows:

  • On the homepage of the MPIGR site, there are tabs for practically all of the online services. By selecting the appropriate section, users can quickly obtain the needed information.
  • Based on the paperwork submitted in Madhya Pradesh, MPIGR displays current statistics information. The data is divided into multiple categories, such as documents registered today, this month, and this fiscal year, for greater understanding.
  • The portal features areas specifically designated for notifications, news, and the most recent information regarding property registration and other associated online services.
  • The portal also lists the MPIGR help and support team’s contact details. With the use of this information, customers can contact the customer service department and have their questions answered.
  • The MPIGR portal contains several links that can be used to quickly navigate to the necessary section and obtain the needed information.

MP E Uparjan


A comprehensive computerization and digitalization initiative for document registration and E-stamping in Madhya Pradesh is called SAMPADA, or Stamps and Management of Property and Documents Application (MPIGRS). This system uses “e-stamps” to collect the stamp duty fee. Services including property valuation across the state, stamp duty and registration fee calculation for various sorts of documents, and slot booking in the office of the Sub-registrars are all available through the electronic registration system SAMPADA. 2015 saw the state-wide implementation of SAMPADA, an electronic registration system. The approved and authorized service providers who are permitted to issue e-stamps can also make it easier to look for and download copies of registered papers that have been digitally signed.

Licenses for service providers can also be granted to financial institutions like banks and post offices. Key documents for registration can be presented online at any time by any logged-in user. Web cameras take crisp pictures of the signatories to the relevant documents. Moreover, the biometric gadget at Sub-Registrar offices (SRO) takes thumb impressions.

MPIGR Land Mutation Charges

For the land mutation, the Madhya Pradesh Stamp and Registration Department (MPIGR) levies a fee. The cost varies depending on the Madhya Pradesh district. The accusations made by IGRS MP are as follows.

Division Name of Urban Local Body (ULB) Namantaran shulk (land Mutation Charges)
Bhopal Aashta half percent of the current market value
Bhopal Harda Rs. 60 plus late fees Rs.50
Bhopal Betul Rs. 150 for 90days, 91-180 days Rs.300, 181 days -1-year Rs.500, 1-to-3-year Rs.1000 and after 3 years Rs. 1500
Bhopal Babai Rs. 1500 plus Rs.100 application fees
Bhopal Boda Rs.2100
Bhopal Ganjbasoda Rs. 500- Rs. 1800
Bhopal Silwani Rs. 1 to Rs. 5 per square feet
Bhopal Sanchi Rs.5000
Bhopal Sarangpur Rs.2900 up to 90 days and penalty Rs. 2200 after 90 days
Bhopal Vidisha Rs.110- 700
Indore Badnawar 0.30 percent of the current market value for hierarchical property/0.50 percent of current market value for land
Gwalior Ashoknagar Rs.1282
Gwalior Nagar nigam morena Rs. 1030
Indore Anjad Rs.870 till 90 days. After 90 days Rs. 50 per year plus Rs. 200 late fees
Indore Thandla Rs.1000 and 0.5 percent of the registered value
Indore Badwaha Rs.1000 plus Rs. 300 per year delay after 03 months
Indore Bhikangaon Rs.2100
Indore Shahpur-burhanpur Rs. 1000
Jabalpur Sonsar Rs. 190 plus Rs. 13.94 per square feet
Jabalpur Amarwada 1 Year from registry_Rs. 100 and after that per year Rs. 20 plus application fees Rs.20
Jabalpur Damua Rs.100 after death plus Rs.100 application fees and 2% of the selling price
Rewa Meher Rs. 500-2000
Rewa Amarpatan Rs.20
Rewa Birsinghpur Rs. 1000 plus Rs. 30 application form
Rewa Chakghat 0.5 percent of the registry amount, In Case of Death Rs. 500 and mutual partition Rs. 750
Rewa Chitrakoot
Rewa Kothar Not Decided
Rewa Mangava Rs. 1000
Rewa Sidhi Rs.500- Rs. 5000
Rewa Nagod Rs. 100-500
Rewa New Ramnagar Rs. 500
Rewa Rampurbaghelan Rs.5000
Sagar Rehali Rs.965
Sagar Rajnagar Rs.1000
Ujjain Shyamgarh one percent of registered value +other charge
Ujjain Jeeran Rs.2000
Ujjain Nalkheda Rs. 400 till 90 days and after 90 days Rs. 300 penalty
Ujjain Shajapur Rs. 1350 till 90 days and after penalty Rs. 500

Steps to Register Property on MPIGR Online

The user needs to follow the below-given steps to register a property on MPIGR online

  • First of all, go to the official website of MPIGR i.e.,
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen
  • Click on the Login button
  • A new page will open on the screen
  • Now, enter the username, password, language, and the captcha code
  • After that, the registration form will open on the screen
  • Now, fill in the form with all the required details
  • Click on the Register button
  • Now, select the Panjiyan ki Prakriya (Process of Registration)
  • Various options will open on the screen like
    • Panjiyan Prarambh
    • Panjiyan Poornata
  • Select the Panjiyan Prarambh followed by panjiyan avedan aarambh karein
  • After that, select a vilekh kshreni
  • Select achal sampatti se sambandhit from the list of options
  • Now, under the vilekh parakar tab, select hanstantaran patra
  • After that, under the likhat group, select Vikray/vikray ka Samanudesh
  • You must now have the transaction’s consideration value listed under the word pratiphal to proceed. At this point, you’ll also be questioned about whether you wish to take advantage of any refunds and whether you have a property assessment ID.
  • A new page will open on the screen with the map
  • Select the city where the property is located
  • A new page will open on the screen
  • Now, fill in all the required property details
  • The property’s market value and registration ID will display on the screen
  • On the next page, you must identify the party who is starting the registration. Click on the vyaktigat and the vikreta, as well as his form.
  • Give the seller’s details on the following page. You will also need to present the seller’s photo ID proof at this stage.
  • You must enter the entire buyer’s information, including the buyer’s photo ID, on the next page. Next, click the “next” button. (Note: You must still list the names of the other parties if there are many consumers.)
  • On the following tab, you must fill out some property-related information. Additionally, you must upload the property’s map and pictures.

Steps to Verify E-Stamp

To verify the E-stamp on the MPIGR portal, the user needs to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, go to the MPIGR website i.e.,
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen
  • Now, click on the E-stamp verification tab
  • A new page will open on the screen
  • Now, enter the E-stamp ID, and Captcha code and select the language
  • After that, click on the Search button, and the details will open on your screen

Steps to Check Guideline Value

To check Guideline Value on MPIGR Portal, the user needs to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, go to the MPIGR website i.e.,
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen
  • Now, click on the Guideline Rate tab
  • A new page will open on the screen
  • Now, click on the year for which you want to check the Guideline Value
  • After that select the district
  • A PDF will open on the screen with the respective Guideline Value

Steps to Check Khasra

To check Khasra on MPIGR, the user needs to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, go to the MPIGR website i.e.,
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen
  • Now, click on the Check Khasra tab
  • A new page will open on the screen
  • Now, enter all the required details like
    • District
    • Revenue Circle
    • Tehsil
    • Village
    • Patwari Halka
  • After that, select from Bhu Swami or Khasra Number
  • Finally, click on the Vivaran Dekhein tab, details will open on the screen