New Driving Licence Rules in India 2024, New RTO Rules, PDF

New Driving Licence Rules – Drivers of two-wheelers or four-wheelers won’t have to go to the Regional Transportation Office (RTO) any longer to get their licenses made. The Center has implemented new regulations for obtaining a Driving Licence where passing a driving test is no longer required, which is a huge relief for the average person.

The requirements for acquiring a driver’s license have changed, and the New Driving Licence Rules took effect on July 1st, 2022, according to the Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways. The government has given recognized driver training centers the authority to issue DL to qualified candidates after successful completion of training, relieving people of the requirement to attend the RTO and wait in huge lines to get their DL made.


New Driving Licence Rules 2024

All new applicants should be pleased with the new driving license regulations established by the Union Ministry of Road Transport. In order to obtain a driving license in India, the Indian government attempted to implement the Driving License New Rules 2024. Additionally, the Central Govt was attempting to change various regulations. They are successful, and as of July 1, 2022, the New Driving Licence Rules 2024 will be in effect. The requirements to obtain a new driver’s license will be the same in all of India’s states.

The New Driving Licence Rules 2024 as well as other regulations for setting up a private driving school will go into effect on July 1st, 2022. The Regional Transportation Office’s official data indicates that all 2 and 4-wheeled vehicles in India will be subject to the Driving License New Rules 2024. Thus, a driving test is no longer necessary to receive a driver’s license! The state transport authority or the central government must administer the driver training centers that would be providing the document. These centers will be valid for 5 years, after which they must be renewed.

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New Driving Licence Rules Details in Highlights

Department Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways
Body Name Regional Transportation Office (RTO)
Rules Changes for 2 Wheeler and 4 Wheelers
Rules Changed Driving Test
New Rules Effect Date 01 July 2022
Official Website

How Do New Driving Licence Rules Function?

People who want to earn their driver’s license must enroll in one of these driver’s education facilities and pass a test that is given there. The testing facility will offer a certificate once the test has been passed. Following receipt of the certificate, candidates can apply for a driving license, which the RTO will issue based only on the training certificate and without the need for a test.

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New Driving Licence Rules Benefits

In addition, the Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways has modified the documentation needed to apply for a new driver’s license. There is some good news for 2 and 4-wheeler drivers according to the Driving License New Rules 2024. The benefit of the Driving License New Rules is that there is no physical examination at the Regional Transportation Office.

The driving license application process can be completed entirely online at The government claims that this will assist to end the lengthy lines at RTOs. The person who is waiting to apply for a new driving license from the Regional Transportation Office is welcome to use the Driving License New Rules 2024.

Driving License New Rules 2024 Effect Date

Beginning on July 1, 2022, the Driving License New Rules will go into force. All government-run driving schools will be shut down under the new driving license regulations beginning in 2022. After the Driving License New Rules, only private driving schools will be permitted to operate. Additionally, the private center will only be operational for a total of 5 years before needing to renew its license.

The government claims that these new regulations will enable the private training sector to grow. An individual who has received driving instruction from one of these private training facilities is exempt from having to take the RTO driving test when applying for a new driver’s license.

To apply for a new driving license, people simply need a certificate from a private training center. In this manner, the RTO driving test will be abolished. Additionally, the private driving school must renew its license with the regional transport office each year in order to continue operating.

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New Rules to Follow for Private Driving Training Centres

  • The government has established a basic set of guidelines for obtaining a private driving training center license for a driving school.
  • The school must have a minimum of 1 acre of land. Moreover, the 4-wheeler vehicles will need 2 acres of land.
  • The Private Driving Training Center ought to have access to the testing facility.
  • Trainers must possess a high school diploma or equivalent education, at the very least.
  • A minimum of five years of driving experience is required of the trainer.
  • The trainer ought to be familiar with the fundamentals of biometric and IT systems.
  • The light vehicle training must be finished in less than four weeks and must last at least 29 hours.
  • There should be at least two portions in the training: practical and theoretical. The theory portion of this should take 8 hours, while the practical portion should take 21 hours.
  • With 8 hours of extensive theory instruction and 31 hours of extensive practical instruction, heavy motor vehicle training will span 38 hours and should be finished in 6 weeks.

New Driving License Types for 2024

Depending on the sort of vehicle you drive, you may need a different kind of driving license.

Personal Vehicles Driving License Type
  • MC 50CC: Bike with 55cc engine or less capacity
  • MC EX50CC: Vehicle with gear and 50CC or more capacity: Car and Bike.
  • MCWOG / FVG: Bike with any engine capacity but without gears: Scooter or Moped
  • M / CYCL.WG: All Bike with and without gear
  • LMV-NT: Vehicle for transport use
Commercial Vehicle Driving License Type
  • HMV: Heavy Motor Vehicles
  • HGMV: Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle
  • MGV: Medium Goods Vehicle
  • Trailer: Heavy Trailer License
  • LMV: Bike, Van, Jeep, and Taxi
  • HPMV / HTV: Heavy Transport motor vehicle or Heavy Transport Vehicle