PM Kisan Payment Status Check कैसे करें 12th Installment, Direct Link

The highly acclaimed PM Kisan Scheme in India is one of the greatest programs for kisan to date. It has been nearly precisely 3.6 years since this scheme began operating and assisting poor farmers. Numerous improvements have been achieved under this program so far. In the past 3.6 years, 11 installments of PM Kisan have been paid, and you can easily determine whether you have received 11 installments or not by checking the PM Kisan Payment Status. Authorities have made it known that the PM Kisan 12th Installment will arrive in the month of September 2022. To determine whether an installment has been received by the recipient, you must read our article. We shall concentrate only on the PM Kisan Payment Status


PM Kisan Payment Status Check

The PM Kisan Yojana is serving crores of farmers all over the country. The yojana gives financial help to farmers, no matter how much land they own. Farmers all over the country can get up to Rs 6,000 from the scheme to help them make a living. The money goes straight into the farmers’ bank accounts. This scheme is protected by EKYC authentication, and no fraudulent accounts are added to the scheme. This means that this plan will only help farmers who are in need.

Farmers in the ear each get 2000 rupees, with a maximum payout of 6000 rupees for the year. It becomes very important for the farmers to determine whether or not they have gotten the cash. The PM Kisan Payment Status option on the online portal is simple to monitor, and doing so is of utmost significance. The status checking option in the scheme is helpful from time to time, as during the period of PM Kisan KYC many farmers hadn’t gotten the installment, and they needed to verify the status of their accounts. The status checking option is available on the scheme. And it was an easy discovery to make that many of the people identified as beneficiaries from many years ago were not eligible for this plan.

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Kisan Samman Nidhi Payment Status Overview

Scheme Name PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana
Article about PM Kisan Payment Status Check
Objectives of the article How to check installments in an account
Scheme Launch by PM Modi, CM of India
Scheme Launch Date 24 Feb
Last Installments received (till May 2022) 11 Installments

PM Kisan Payment Status Check Objectives

The objective of the PM Kisan payment status check is that beneficiary farmers can easily check the amount or installment received. If they haven’t received the money in their bank accounts, they can simply check their status off the payment by simply clicking on the website and logging in. Checking the status option is handy as it can be easily seen from anywhere from any digital mobile or computer.

PM Kisan Beneficiary Status Check

Importance of PM Kisan’s Payment Status Check

The importance of a Kisan payment status check is seen mainly during the times when it is not possible for beneficiary farmers to run here and there in the different office buildings and apartments to check whether the payment has been received or not. The payment status option completely shows the details of why the payment has not been received. So sometimes there might be problems in the bank accounts, so it will be shown directly where the fault is.

PM Kisan Payment Status Check Benefits

The pros of checking the status via the online portal are many:

  • Checking the status of the payment is beneficial as it can be seen from anywhere. You just need to have the internet in order to do so.
  • Payment status provides information on whether the installment has been released, and also if the installment has been released whether it has been credited into the account of the beneficiary.
  • Payment status check becomes very important as in old times in various previous schemes farmers had to run from official buildings in order to solve their small problems. And now we can see how beneficial this payment status check is online and it can be easily seen by sitting at home with the help of the Internet and mobile only.
  • Many beneficiary farmers are waiting for the 12th installment, which is rumored to be released in September 2022 in time, and by this option, they can easily check whether they have received the 12th installment payment.
  • Status checking is so easy that you just need to enter the Aadhar card number and you can see the status of your account which is linked with the Aadhar card.

Eligibility to Check PM Kisan Payment Status

The eligibility criteria for payment status check is that the farmer must be enrolled in PM Kisan. Only then can we see the

Documents Required

Documents needed to check the payment status option are that:

  • Beneficiary farmers must have done e-KYC to link their Aadhaar card with the account, and with the help of the account linked with their Aadhar card, you can check the status. In the below section, we will discuss how to check the status step-by-step.
  • Importantly, check the status through a mobile number or through a registration number can be done.

How to Check Online PM Kisan Payment Status

You can easily check your installment payment status by following the steps below.

  • Firstly, you must enter the official website of PM Samman Nidhi Yojana. Your home page will be displayed in front of you.
  • You can clearly see the farmers’ section on the right side of the website, and under that section, click on the beneficiary status tab.
  • A new page will be opened with the name of beneficiary status along with the form to be filled in.
  • On the new page, you will be asked to search by option.
  • You have two options to select and check the status.
  • You can either select the mobile number or the registration number to check the status.
  • You can select the option of a mobile number.
  • Enter your mobile number and an OTP will be sent to your mobile, and you have to enter the OTP on the screen.
  • And then you have to click on the “get data” button in order to show the status of the payment.
  • Then the status will show whether the installment has been received into the beneficiary account or not.
  • Increase if you choose to enter a registration number. Simply enter the registration number and click on Get Data and it will show the status.
  • If you do not know what your registration number is, there is an option or link on that page “know your registration number”. Click on it. And you have to enter the details asked for and it will show you your registration number.