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On Thursday, October 20, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced Mission LIFE. Modi and Guterres jointly introduced the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) action plan, which includes a list of lifestyle modifications that may be implemented as climate-friendly activities. The circular economy and the principles of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” have long been a part of Indian culture. This event was very prestigious event in terms of India’s respectable place in the international media. So in today’s article, we will only talk about the Mission LiFe and its objectives with its benefits.


What is Mission LiFe

On the occasion of the start of the Mission LiFE movement, France, the UK, Argentina, Georgia, Guyana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Estonia, Nepal, and the Maldives extended congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Lifestyle for the Environment). According to the PM’s office, Mission LiFe is anticipated to be an India-led worldwide public effort that would encourage both individual and group action to safeguard and preserve the environment. It will serve as India’s flagship program at the UN and other international forums to highlight climate action and the early accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The key to bringing about change is to involve everyone and work toward a shared objective. India has participated in World Clean Up Day actively. Amazingly, 1.2 million individuals participated the previous year. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has brought on a world energy catastrophe. This emphasizes, even more, the necessity of switching to sustainable energy sources. I am pleased that India’s G-10 leadership has made addressing climate change a top priority, and I wish you well in your administration.

“France is eager to collaborate with India to make this project successful, especially in light of India’s upcoming G20 leadership. France encouraged industrialized nations to keep their word and give real financial and technological help to developing nations like India throughout this transition. We must start a revolution in renewable energy, and we are eager to collaborate with India on this.

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Leaders from across the world joined PM @narendramodi in the the launch of Mission LiFE.

? Watch messages from leaders of Argentina, Estonia, France, Georgia, Guyana, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal & the UK. — Arindam Bagchi (@MEAIndia) October 20, 2022

Nations Progress towards Environmental Concerns

In India, the yearly per capita carbon footprint is just approximately 1.5 tonnes, compared to the global average of four tonnes. Nonetheless, India is at the forefront of efforts to address global issues such as climate change. Currently, India ranks fourth in wind energy and fifth in solar energy. In the previous 7.5 years, India’s renewable energy capacity has expanded by around 290 percent. India has achieved the aim of attaining 40% of power capacity from non-fossil fuel sources nine years ahead of schedule. India had also met a target of 10% ethanol blend in gasoline, and that was five months before the deadline. India has taken a step forward with the National Hydrogen Mission. This will assist India and many other nations attain their net zero target

Mission LiFe Objectives

Mission By employing a three-pronged approach, LIFE strives to change society’s collective attitude toward sustainability. This includes encouraging people to take small but impactful environmental measures in their daily lives (demand), making it possible for markets and industries to react quickly to shifting demand (supply), and influencing governmental and industrial policy to support both sustainable production and consumption (policy).

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Mission LiFe Benefits and Features

Mission Life has various benefits and features, which are listed below:

  • According to Mission LIFE, it is beneficial to all of the people of the world as it is altering our way of life and can help conserve the environment.
  • The mission will empower the populace to safeguard the environment and help them better use the planet’s resources.
  • Mission LIFE makes the battle against climate change democratic by allowing everyone to participate to the best of their abilities.
  • Mission LIFE motivates us to take all appropriate measures in our daily lives to preserve the environment.
  • Mission LiFE embodies the ethos of the “P3 paradigm, which stands for Pro-Planet-People.
  • Mission LIFE brings individuals from all over the world together as pro-planet people. Unifying them all in their ideas.
  • It’s a lifestyle for the planet, for the planet, and for the planet.
  • Every way of life connected to environmental protection will be covered under Mission LIFE.
  • India is dedicated to combating the threat posed by climate change.