Telangana Praja Palana Scheme – Eligibility, Beneficiary List Check

The Praja Palana Scheme, also known as the TS 6 Guarantee Scheme or Abhaya Hastham Scheme, is a unique programme in Telangana. It facilitates easy access to government services. Without using any middlemen, you can even report your issues to the government. In order to carry out the six promises made by Congress prior to the elections, government released the Praja Palana Application Form on Wednesday. The Telangana Chief Minister announced the commencement of the Praja Palana programme and stated that the government had signed one of the six guarantees on the day of the government’s creation.


Praja Palana Scheme 2024

Revanth Reddy opened the Praja Palana Application Form at the Secretariat on wednesday, enabling qualified individuals to receive benefits under the Congress’s Six Guarantees. He announced that applications will be taken at grama/ward sabhas in every village, town, and city throughout the state from December 28 to January 6.

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Revanth Reddy stated that although specialty counters will remain open till January 6, the application process would be ongoing and individuals may still submit their applications at designated government offices at a later time.

With the exception of the Yuva Vikasam guarantee, potential beneficiaries can apply for benefits under five schemes using these forms. Also, applications will also be accepted for new ration cards or other complaints made by individuals.

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యంత్రాంగానికి దిశానిర్ధేశం. #TelanganaPrajaPrabhutwam — Revanth Reddy (@revanth_anumula) December 27, 2023

TS 6 Guarantee Scheme Details

Telangana Indiramma Indlu Housing Scheme

Telangana Gruha Jyothi Yojana

Telangana Cheyutha Pension

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme

Telangana Yuva Vikasam Scheme

Telangana Rythu Bharosa

ప్రజా పలానా దరఖాస్తు ఫారమ్ Details in Highlights

Name of Scheme Praja Palana Scheme, Abhaya Hastham, TS 6 Guarantee Scheme
Launched By Government of Telangana
Benefit To apply for various schemes
Launch Year 2024
Beneficiaries Citizens of Telangana State
Official Website

Objective of Praja Palana Scheme

To determine the precise number of people to be covered under various schemes, Praja Palana was introduced. This will help the government determine how many beneficiaries and how much money is needed. The government has already set up a procedure for digitising complaints that are received at Praja Bhavan. This involves assigning each complaint a docket number and notifying the applicant through acknowledgment letters. “A tracking system was put in place to know where the application reached and what was the action taken. Actions are being made to address problems within a hundred days of receipt.

Praja Palana Form Benefits

Following are the benefits under Praja Palana

  • Under the Maha Lakshmi guarantee, women are currently eligible for Rs 500 petrol cylinders and Rs 2,500 monthly financial assistance.
  • Tenant farmers and agricultural labourers are eligible to apply for financial aid under Rythu Bharosa, which is worth Rs 15,000 and Rs 12,000 per acre annually, respectively.
  • Families of individuals who took part in or lost their lives in the fight for statehood are eligible to apply for 250-square-yard plots under the Indiramma Housing Project.
  • Individuals can apply for up to 200 units of free power under the Gruha Jyothi scheme.
  • Widows, toddy tappers, weavers, patients on dialysis, AIDS patients, beedi workers, filaria patients, unmarried women, and beedi tekedars are eligible to apply for a monthly pension of Rs 4,000 under the Cheyutha system, while those with physical disabilities are eligible for a pension of Rs 6,000.

Documents Required

During the Praja Palana program, people can submit the form at designated locations in every district of Telangana. The form, a single application for Mahalakshmi, Rythu Bharosa, Cheyutha, Griha Jyoti, and Indiramma Ilu schemes, requires applicants to fill in details such as the head of the family’s name, date of birth, Aadhaar card number, and ration card number, among others. Along with the application form, applicants need to submit photocopies of Aadhaar and white ration cards.

How to Fill Telangana Praja Palana Application Form 2024

There will be enough counters open to accept applications and ladies would have their own counter. Each mandal would be split into two sections, with an MPDO (mandal parishad development officer) in charge of the second and an MRO (mandal revenue officer) in charge of the first.

In a single day, each officer would visit two communities. There will be more counters open in villages with higher population densities. Individuals who are unable to apply at Grama Sabha may also do so in Gramme Panchayats. This will be an ongoing process that doesn’t end on January 6, and that after that day, people can still submit applications at MPDO or MRO locations.

Those who would rather file complaints through a different channel than the Praja Palana application form will have access to dedicated counters. Six hundred places throughout the city have been designated as the centres for the acceptance of Praja Palana forms. As soon as the government formally initiates the programme, these sites will be updated. Government workers have been enlisted to assist with the programme, accepting application forms at the centre.

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