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Safal Odisha Portal – On October 26, 2022, CM Naveen Patnaik inaugurated a unified credit platform called SAFAL for the farmers in the state. Farmers and agriculture-related entrepreneurs will have access to more than 300 different term-loan products via the SAFAL application. During the launch of the, the Chief Minister said that the application has the potential to completely transform the way that loans are provided to farmers and other agri-business owners. In today’s article we will talk about all the stuff that is on the Safdal portal, its objectives, and also how to avail benefits from the portal.


Safal Odisha Portal 2024

Farming is Odisha’s biggest job and its mainstay. A comprehensive agriculture strategy and government actions have prioritized the farming sector’s growth. The SAFAL Common Credit Portal was opened by the Chief Minister of Odisha on October 26, 2022. Safdal stands for Simplified Application for Agricultural Loans. The launch of Safal was done with the purpose of improving the lives of farmers. Farmers and agri-entrepreneurs will have access to more than 300 different term-loan products via the SAFAL application, which is a streamlined process for applying for agricultural loans and will be provided by over 40 partner institutions.

Farmers and agri-business owners may get formal sector loans from public and private sector banks, regional rural banks, state cooperative banks, and small finance banks via the use of this application, which acts as a one-stop shop for such needs. Additionally, it has been incorporated with Krushak Odisha and will have access to more than seventy example project reports as a result.The loan application procedure has been streamlined thanks to the integration of the site with Krushak Odisha, which benefits both the farmers and the banks.Once registered under the web portal, it sends alerts to farmers at each step of the loan application process, keeping them informed at all times.

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SAFAL- India’s 1st Agricultural Credit Facilitation Platform for farmers & agri-entrepreneurs. #OdishaCaresForFarmers @rajaaswain @ApcOdisha @krushibibhag @dahvsodisha @OdishaFisheries @APICOLBBSR @ILRI — Fisheries & ARD Department (@farddept) October 26, 2022

Odisha Safal Portal Details in Highlights

Name of the portal Odisha Safal Portal
Launch by CM Naveen Patnaik
State Odisha State
Beneficiaries Farmers and agro entrepreneurs of Odisha state
Objective Help Agriculture industry to grow and stabilize
Application Mode Online

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Safal Odisha Portal Objectives

Keeping in mind that agriculture and the industries that go along with it are the most important to the state of Odisha, the Portal was created to help farmers and other people who work in the agricultural sector get more money and better facilities.

Safal Odisha Portal Benefits and Features

  • The Common Credit Portal for Farmers is referred to as Portal.
  • Farmers and other agribusiness owners will have access to more than 300 different term loan solutions via a website available online.
  • There are forty different banks from which one may get a loan.
  • In excess of seventy model project reports will be available to Portal users.
  • The platform will make it simpler to apply for loans, which will be beneficial not just to banking institutions but also to agricultural groups.
  • Farmers who register their information with the web app will automatically get important alerts on the most recent upgrades and information.
  • The site will not only be transparent and helpful for farmers, but it will also be valuable for the government. Because the government is able to readily monitor both the demand for and the distribution of formal credit.

Odisha Safal Portal Eligibility

Eligibilities required under the portal are:

  • User must be a farmer or agri-entrepreneur.
  • User must be from state of Odisha
  • Ages may differ from scheme to scheme.

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Odisha Safal Portal Documents Required

  • Documents for the portal are:
  • Users must have their own aadhar card.
  • Users Mobile number.
  • Email id

Safal Odisha Portal Registration Process

To register on the portal, please follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Visit the website for the official websiteof the Odisha Safal portal. The home page will load.
  • On the homepage, the register now option is located at the top of the menu. Click the button.
  • A new page with a form will load.
  • On the new page, you must input your Aadhaar number initially.
  • Then provide your cell phone number and email address.
  • And then click register.
  • You will be registered successfully on the oh my portal.

Odisha Safal Portal Login

  • Visit the official Odisha Safal portal website. The landing page will load.
  • The Login now option is located at the top of the menu on the homepage. Press the button.
  • You will have the option of logging in as a farmer or agricultural entrepreneur aur officer.
  • If you are a farmer or an entertainer, click on the first option.
  • A new web page will load.
  • There, you must decide whether you are a farmer or an agri-entrepreneur.
  • You must enter your Aadhaar number and click the login button if you select Pharma.
  • I must enter your mobile phone number before clicking the login button.
  • You will then be successfully logged in.

How to Apply for Loan at Odisha Safal Portal

  • Visit the official Odisha Safal portal website. The landing page will load.
  • Click on apply now link on homepage.
  • A new page will open.
  • Select District, select block, and then select bank.
  • Then click on the submit button.
  • All the listed banks who can provide loans will be displayed according to the preferences of your entered locality.
  • Then choose any bank displayed.
  • Then you will be displayed with different segments and you can click on them to see the eligibility by clicking on them.
  • Then you can click on the selected segment and then click on apply for loan option.

Track Application Status

  • Visit the official Odisha Safal portal website.
  • The homepage will be displayed.
  • On the homepage, you will find application status box.
  • Enter the application reference number.
  • Now click on the Check Status option/