TAFCOP Portal Login – Check Mobile Number (Sim) on Aadhar Card

TAFCOP Portal – The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India created the Tafcop (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection) portal to assist users in monitoring and controlling the amount of mobile connections registered in their names. To decrease telecom fraud, the https://tafcop.sancharsaathi.gov.in/ is made accessible to the general public. Each user may have up to nine telecom connections connected to their identification, according to the new regulation. Read below to check the detailed information related to TAFCOP Portal.


TAFCOP Portal 2024

To investigate fraud in the telecom industry, the Indian government set up the Digital Intelligence Unit. It will collaborate on this with numerous financial institutions and telecom companies. Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection is a system that was developed. For the purpose of accepting complaints regarding unwanted commercial messages, TAF-COP was created.

Tafcop is a platform that employs telecom analytics to find and stop fraud and safeguard the interests of customers. Customers can use it to see how many mobile connections are registered in their names, and if they discover any extra or unauthorized connections, they can take the appropriate action. According to the current DoT regulations, Tafcop also sends SMS alerts to customers who have more than nine mobile connections registered in their names.

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Telecom Analytics For Fraud Management & Consumer Protection Portal Details

Portal Name TAFCOP Portal
Full Form Telecom Analytics For Fraud Management & Consumer Protection
Initiated by Government of India
Introduced by Department of Telecommunications (DOT)
Beneficiaries TAFCOP Registered Connections and Telecom Subscribers
Benefits frauds Reduction
Official Website https://sancharsaathi.gov.in/

TAFCOP Portal Objective

The TAFCOP website was created to assist users of sim cards and subscribers in determining the number of active mobile connections under their names and in taking the necessary steps to regularize any additional mobile connections they may have. The service providers are primarily responsible for managing the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF).

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Benefits of TAFCOP Portal

Some of the key benefits of the TAFCOP Portal are as follows:

  • When more than nine sims are attached to a single ID card through the TAFCOP portal, a notification is sent.
  • Make it simpler to monitor the connection of your SIM card and more secure with notifications
  • It protects us against the Froud situations.
  • Logging onto the Tafcop interface is pretty easy.

Importance of TAFCOP Portal

  • Tafcop is essential since it protects customers from becoming a victim of fraud or having their identity stolen. Mobile connections can be used to commit a number of typical types of fraud, and Tafcop assists in spotting and preventing them.
  • This happens when a third party obtains a duplicate SIM card bearing your number and uses it to access your bank accounts, OTPs, or other private data.
  • When someone authorises international roaming on your phone, it might result in pricey foreign calls or data consumption, which can be prevented via Tafcop’s interface.
  • You can identify unauthorised call forwarding using Tafcop, which happens when incoming calls are forwarded to another number without your knowledge and results in unforeseen charges.
  • Tafcop can also help you spot situations in which someone use your identification credentials to obtain a mobile connection in your name and engage in illegal activity.
  • You can proactively check your mobile connections with Tafcop for any indications of these fraudulent actions and immediately notify your service provider or the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of them.

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Steps to Verify Registered Online Connections on the TAFCOP Portal

To verify Registered Online Connections on the TAFCOP Portal, the user needs to follow the below given steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of TAFCOP Portal i.e., https://sancharsaathi.gov.in/
  • The home page of the website will open on the screen
  • Click on the Know Your Mobile Connections option
  • A new page will open on your screen
  • Enter your mobile number and the captcha code
  • After that, click on the validate button
  • An OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number
  • Enter the received OTP and click on the Login button
  • Once you are successfully logged in, your registered online connections will open on your screen

How Does Report Button Work ?

You can click the Report button and fill out a form with your information and the cause for reporting if you discover any extra or unauthorized connections in your name. Your complaint will be given a ticket ID, which you may use to check on its status on the portal. A copy of your complaint is also available for download or printing for your records. Any connection that a user no longer wants to utilize might be requested to be deactivated. Simply click the Deactivate button and complete the form with your information and the reason you want to deactivate.

Procedure to Check if your Mobile Number is Linked To Aadhaar

The user needs to follow the below given steps to check if their mobile number is linked to Aadhaar:

  • First of all, visit the official website of UIDAI i.e., https://www.uidai.gov.in/en/
  • The homepage of the website will open on your screen
  • Click on the Login button
  • The login page will open on the screen
  • Now, enter your Aadhaar number, and the captcha code
  • After that, click on the Send OTP button
  • You will get an OTP if your mobile number is connected to your Aadhaar.
  • Enter the received OTP to verify your mobile number
  • You will receive a message saying Your mobile number is not enrolled in our records. if your mobile number is not connected to your Aadhaar.

Procedure to Link your Mobile Number With Aadhaar

You need to follow the below given steps to link your mobile number with your Aadhaar:

  • The Aadhaar update/correction form is available for download from the UIDAI website or can be obtained from the nearby Aadhaar centre.
  • Complete the form with the necessary information and affix a copy of your Aadhaar card along with a photo ID, such as a PAN Card, Passport, voter ID, etc.
  • At the Aadhaar Centre, where your biometrics and identifying details will be checked, fill out the form.
  • Within a few days, your cell number will be connected to Aadhaar and you will receive an acknowledgment paper.
  • You could also go to the telecom service provider’s location, present your Aadhaar card and mobile number, and go through biometric verification.
  • You will be sent an OTP to finish the verification process after a successful verification.