Assam Sakhi Express Scheme 2024 – Apply Online, New Beneficiary List

Assam Sakhi Express Scheme – Under the Jeevika Sakhi Express, a large number of scooters will be distributed throughout the state of Assam in the year 2022. similar to a brand new scheme introduced in the year 2022. The Assam chief minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, was the one who officially opened the scheme under the Sakhi Express Scheme on the 21st of August. In the next piece, we will get an understanding of what this program is, as well as its goals, advantages, and the process for obtaining a scooter via the program.


Assam Sakhi Express Scheme 2024

On Sunday, August 21st, the event was opened by the Chief Minister of Assam, who also announced the launch of a new program and, as part of that program, gave 6670 bikes to community cadres. As of today, more than 6670 scooters have been distributed in the last two years, bringing the total number of distributed scores in the last two years to approximately 10908.

Therefore bringing the such type of schemes to help female-run self-help groups will help Assam become one of the states with the highest per capita GDP. “Sakhis” are the people who will get help from this plan. Sakhi who has been given scooters by ASRLM has to work hard to get members of self-help groups to work together to become financially independent and self-sufficient. Click to check more detail about the “Assam Orunodoi Scheme”

Happy to distribute 6,670 scooters to Bank Sakhis, Bima Sakhis, Jeevika Sakhis, etc, under Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission’s Sakhi Express scheme for FY 2021-22.

I’m sure the Sakhis would use the scooters in spreading the message of financial empowerment among our women. — Himanta Biswa Sarma (@himantabiswa) August 21, 2022

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Details of Assam Jeevika Sakhi Express Scheme

Scheme Name Sakhi Express Scheme 2024
Launch By Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma.
Launch Date 21 August 2022
Benefit Provide Scooters

Sakhi Express Scheme Objectives

One of the goals of this plan is to have the Sakhis utilize the scooters to help spread the word about the importance of women gaining control of their financial situations. In addition, it is the responsibility of the “Sakhis” to educate the members of the SHG about the expansive market opportunities presented by technical developments in the twenty-first century.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries of Sakhi Express include individuals such as Krishi Sakhi, Bima Sakhi, Pashu Sakhi, and Jeevika Sakhi, as well as others, who, in their roles as “community cadres,” seek to unite and support members of self-help organizations in their respective industries.

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Documents Needed

Basic Important documents needed for the scheme:

  • ID proof.
  • State proof.
  • Phone number
  • Email ID.

How to Apply Online for Assam Sakhi Express Scheme

To apply for this program, applicants must take the following steps:

  • On the website’s home page, you can find the option to sign up for Sakhi Express.
  • Then a form will pop up in front of you, and you’ll need to fill it out with all the information it asks for, such as your name and address, and attach any necessary documents.
  • The form needs to be sent in after that.
  • The form will be processed and carried out, and you will be told if your form has been accepted or not.


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