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In India, we have festivals that last 10 to 20 days, but a month-long shopping festival is unheard of. A big move from the Delhi government as the CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, announced a mega festival in Delhi from January 28th to February 26th, 2023. It will be India’s biggest shopping festival ever. Additionally, if things go well, it will be broadened further and it might be counted among the top festivals in the world list. In today’s article, we will learn about the Delhi Shopping Festival goals, and advantages, and how the government plans to support Delhi’s entrepreneurs.


Delhi Shopping Festival 2024

  • Arvind Kejriwal announced a mega festival in Delhi from January 28th to February 26th, 2023.
  • The Rozgaar Budget 2022-23, which was presented by deputy CM Manish Sisodia in March of 2022, included a number of huge projects, one of which was the Delhi Shopping Carnival.
  • The largest shopping festival to be held in Delhi in 2023 will help to stimulate the city’s economy, which in turn will enable local businesses to more effectively market Delhi’s unique culture on a global scale and generate new employment opportunities.
  • Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 will have 200 concerts, and various artists will be invited from around India. It will be a festival of international standards.
  • According to the government, it will attempt to help businessmen in Delhi and elsewhere make the most of the festival by offering special deals on airline tickets, train tickets, and hotel rooms.
  • Kejriwal said that the government would also rope in travel businesses to offer unique holiday packages for individuals who live outside of Delhi. These special holiday packages will include airfare by airline or train and hotel accommodations.
  • During the festival, clients will get significant price reductions on a variety of items, and prizes will also be presented in order to maintain the international standard of the festival.
  • All major malls and markets will be decorated.
  • Everyone, from the poorest to the wealthiest members of society can attend the grand festival and enjoy its benefits.
  • There will be food walks, live shows, and big concerts from across India.

Delhi Rozgar Bazaar

Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 Overview

Name of The Event Delhi Shopping Festival 2023
launched by Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Government
Objective/ Aim Boost the Economy of the state
Opening Date January 28, 2023
Closing Date February 26, 2023
Official Website Available Soon

Delhi Shopping Festival:

?Whole Delhi will be decorated
?Heavy discounts on all items
?Exhibitions of Games/Tech
?200 Concerts in 30 days
?️Opening & Closing Ceremony
?Special Food Walks

This will create 1000s of jobs & give a huge boost to the economy

-CM @ArvindKejriwal — AAP (@AamAadmiParty) July 6, 2022

One-Month Shopping Festival Described

  • A month-long festival that India has never seen is going to be started in Delhi, but such a big festival needs to be specified zone-wise so that it will be easy for the consumers to visit the desired places they want to visit.
  • The city of Delhi will be split into five zones (north, south, east, west, and central) where themed international-level exhibitions will be held.
  • There will be an exposition dedicated to health and spirituality, art and literature, gaming and technology related, and the awareness of the environmental impacts.
  • The government will select 15 reputable markets and 10 malls in each of these areas based on shopping styles and other factors that will attract tourists as well.
  • Brand recognition programs and events will be organized to ensure the participation of the people visiting each market.
  • Yes as this part is common in almost most festivals in India Prizes are in the form of gifts.
  • Additionally, there will be movie tickets, children’s activities like face painting, magic shows, art competitions, decorations, an Indian college band, light and sound shows, talent shows, street theater fashion shows, and celebrity talks.
  • The event will include musicians, actors, comedians, and dancers.
  • Shopping Festival intends to grow into adjacent markets beginning in the second year.

Delhi Female Cab Drivers Scheme

Shopping Festival Areas of Interest

  • The government will make particular preparations in order to provide guests of this event with a one-of-a-kind experience, and they will do so while keeping in mind the many demographics that will be in attendance.
  • The festival will designate days and times that are appropriate for senior citizens, housewives, and those who like going shopping. For instance, there will be special considerations and times set aside to serve the comfort and convenience of the elderly. The elderly will have access to distinct lanes for mobility, specialized infrastructural facilities, specialized leisure spaces, and allocated seating for when they want to sit down.
  • It will be possible to make use of services such as talent scouting, porter service, mehndi and bangle kiosks, and golf carts for transportation.
  • There will be rides, games, and other types of contests, as well as dance floors, candy, and ice cream booths, and fast food setups for children and young adults.
  • Puppet performances and magic acts will also be included. During the course of the event, a special parade will also be held during the festival.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the International Standard

More than 20 thousand people will be able to watch this festival on the ground, and millions more online and also on TV. Tickets for the opening ceremony will be given as prizes for a competition. The closing event will showcase Delhi’s culture, and Delhi’s marketplaces will benefit. Before the festival, the city will be cleaned up and made more beautiful. In some parks, monuments, flyovers, buildings, metro and train stations, airports, ISBTs, schools, and colleges, there will be eco-friendly lighting and installations. At the end of the ceremony, the winners of the mega prizes will be announced.


During the weekend of the shopping festival, there will be four big shows in each zone. This means in five zones, there will be four big shows during the 1-month program. More than 8,000 people will be at the Weekend Blockbusters. Shoppers will also get nice prizes every week, and a lot of other winners will be recognized.

Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 Objectives

After covid-19 there were many employment issues in Delhi and many businesses were on a verge of collapse so keeping these challenges in mind found a general solution that will not only solve the economical conditions of the Capital of India but also will improve India’s image internationally in future as well. The Delhi government under Arvind Kejriwal is known for its innovative thoughts and ideas, and the initiative of opening a grand shopping festival in India is one of them.

  • The primary purpose of this festival is to stimulate Delhi’s economy, as it will assist the city’s many entrepreneurs in achieving success.
  • With this event, the government intends to promote tourism in Delhi.
  • Additionally, the festival aims to create more job opportunities as well.

Delhi Job Fair

Delhi Shopping Festival Dates

  • Starting date- 28th January 2024
  • Closing date- 26th February 2024

Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 Benefits and Key Points

Attending the grand festival and reaping the benefits it offers is open to all members of society, from those with the least wealth to those with the most. The Delhi Shopping Festival 2023 will have numerous benefits for the Delhi state and also for visitors, such as:

  • This event will be beneficial to the business people and traders who reside in the state.
  • This festival will focus on a variety of topics connected to the rich cultural heritage of the city of Delhi.
  • It will result in an increase in the number of employment possibilities available in the state.
  • It will contribute to the growth of the state’s economy.
  • People will have access to an endless supply of entertainment in the form of games, concerts, live events, and delicacies from a variety of countries.
  • People from a variety of states will be able to take advantage of the significant savings offered by this festival on a wide range of goods.


This festival is an initiative to promote tourism and boost the economy of Delhi State. The Delhi Shopping Festival 2024 will conform to international standards, and its primary objective will be to become one of the most prestigious festivals in the world.


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