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e-UNNAT Portal – In this era of digitization, India has shown that it is not hesitant and is always aiming to keep updating the concept of digital India. From the village level to the state level, new websites have made people’s lives easier so that they no longer need to visit government offices repeatedly. There are official government portals in every field.

Likewise, the government has developed a website for the state of J&K e-UNNAT Portal. This portal provides a user with a centralized government platform. This portal will generate a unique registration, eliminating the need for users to visit several portals and register multiple times. This page will explain what the e-UNNAT Portal is and its aims and advantages. Additionally, we will see how all its tools work, such as the login procedure, the registration procedure, etc.


e-UNNAT Portal 2024

  • On July 14, 2022, Arun Kumar Mehta, the chief secretary of Jammu and Kashmir, unveiled a website titled e-UNNAT.
  • A unified, integrated, accessible, and transparent service portal is the full form of e-UNNAT. This portal, as its name suggests, gives a unique identifier for an integrated system that is accessible while being transparent to the user.
  • This portal’s UI is highly interactive. Any user of this site has access to a wealth of basic information, including the number of services offered, the number of applications in progress, and the number of certifications issued.
  • Citizens of the state can now register for different platform services on this centralized portal. Instances include marriage certificates, income certificates, character certificates, category certificates, property unemployment certificates, and numerous others.
  • Launching this portal would have several benefits as it is a significant step in Jammu and Kashmir’s digital journey to connect it with the concept of digital India.
  • According to government officials, Jammu and Kashmir are the first UT in the country to utilize and implement its digital services under the “Meri Pahchan” plan of the government of India. Click to know more details about the Jammu Kashmir Land Records

e-UNNAT Portal Overview

The Name of the Web Portal e-UNNAT Portal
launched by Chief secretary, Arun Kumar Mehta, J&K UT
Objective/ Aim Digitization of services.
Launch Date 14 July 2022.
Beneficiaries Citizens of Jammu and Kashmir
Website Address eunnat.jk.gov.in

J&K Ration Card List

e-UNNAT Portal Objectives

This e-UNNAT portal’s primary purpose is to deliver digital services to users and maintain transparency for J&K UT people on a single platform. Currently, this is the only portal in the nation that is so unified and transparent in its services in relation to its citizens.

e-UNNAT Portal Benefits

  • This gateway offers various advantages to J&K, UT residents, including:
  • The e-UNNAT Portal offers a single registration option and provides access to all government services on a single platform. Users are no longer required to register separately on numerous platforms.
  • On the e-UNNAT Portal, citizens can download many certificates such as marriage, income, character, dependency, asset, legal heir, unemployment, certificates related to property categories, the ladli beti scheme, and marriage assistance certificates. Yojana and many more
  • The IT Department will add new services to the portal over the next few months.
  • In the following days, the government will provide comments on this portal for the Rapid assessment system, which will help to make the system more effective. Click to know more details about the Berozgar Se Swarozgar Scheme

List of Services Offered

If we go to the official website of the e-UNNAT Portal, we will see that it offers a wide variety of services to its users, including the following:

  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Transportation industry.
  • Revenue Department.
  • Sectors of interest include real estate
  • social welfare.

On this website, you can access all of the services that are associated with the relevant departments and sectors, such as obtaining certificates and legal documents, with only the press of a click.


J&k Labour Registration

About e-UNNAT Web Portal Navigation

First visit the official website of this portal which is “https://eunnat.jk.gov.in/”.

On the dashboard of this portal, any user can view the General information such as the total number of services provided on this portal, the total applications which are currently processed and the department’s total number of certificates issued, and the applications which are already in process.

In the services section of the portal, you can see the various departments come under

  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Transportation industry.
  • Revenue Department.
  • Sectors of interest include real estate
  • social welfare.
  • A list of services, such as help under the Ladli Beti scheme and financial aid for marriage, will be provided if you click on the social welfare department. and numerous others relating to this department.
  • If you want certificates, you can select the “revenue department” and obtain a variety of documents, including income certificates, character certificates, category certificates, marriage-related certificates, unemployment certificates, schedule caste SC/ST tribe certificates, etc.
  • Under “Housing and Urban Development Department” you can see the list of Mobile tower installation permission applications, applications regarding the issue of death certificate application regarding correction in the birth certificate, and many more. so this segment provides generally the applications regarding their concerns

e-UNNAT Portal: Registration Process

  • To sign up citizens on the Unnati portal, you need to do the following:
  • Open the official website of the e-Unnat portal.
  • Choose the service you want from the list of services.
  • Click on the “Apply Here” button after you’ve chosen the service.
  • When you click on something, you’ll be taken to a new page. This is called the Single Window system.
  • If you want to register, click on the signup button below the screen
  • After clicking it will take you to the registration page Which is titled “register a new account”
  • You have to fill in the first name, last name, gender, email address, mobile number, date of birth (DOB) state, address of communication, and the desired username.
  • After filling out the form click the register button below and you will be successfully registered.

How to Login Process

  • In order to Login citizens on the Unnati portal you have to follow the steps below:
  • Open the official website of the e-Unnat portal “https://eunnat.jk.gov.in/”.
  • Under the services, section chooses the service which you want.
  • After selecting the service there is the option “apply here” click on it.
  • After clicking you will be redirected to a new page which is called the Single Window system.
  • If you want to log in or sign in you just have to give the username and password the captcha code and click on the sign-in button.


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