Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme – Application Form, Eligibility

Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme – A new scheme has been launched by the concerned authorities of the Karnataka Government so that they can help the farmers of the state to get good salaries. In this article today, we will share with all of you the details about the new scheme which has been launched by the concerned authorities. The name of the scheme is the Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme for the year 2023. In this article today, we will share with all of you the benefits, objectives, and the working of the scheme. We will also be sharing with all of you the details of the scheme including the step-by-step application procedure, eligibility criteria, and documents that are required to apply for the scheme.


Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2024

Karnataka Surya Raitha scheme has been launched to help all of the people who are finding it very difficult to supply power in their farms. This scheme will be very beneficial for all of the farmers who are finding it very difficult to get power generation in their new farms and crops because of the extremely high bill of electricity. New solar-based power generation will be provided for all of the farmers of the Karnataka state so that they can get higher salaries and get good crops. Farmers are the most affected department in this economy because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many farmers were also seen protesting against the farm bill.

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Details Of Karnataka Surya Raitha 2024

Name Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme
Launched by Karnataka Government
Beneficiaries Farmers of the Karnataka state
Objective Providing solar power generation
Official site https://www.kredlinfo.in/

Working Of Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2024

Karnataka Surya Raitha Plan helps ranchers with water system purposes as the ranchers need not switch on their IP Sets during the night. Consequently, sun-based water pumps keep in mind the force and water wastage. Karnataka Government will dispatch this plan through assets gathered from a mix of ranchers’ ventures, Focal and State Government sponsorship, and delicate advances from Bangalore Power Flexible Organization (BESCOM). BESCOM will recover the advance sum through the expense of an overabundance of vitality traded in the matrix. After the recuperation of the advance sum, BESCOM will store the abundance sum in the ranchers’ financial balance. Appropriately, the compensation time frame will associate with 12 to 14 years as the measure of created power and its usage will take this measure of time.

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Objective Of Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2024

Karnataka Government will frame “Harobele Surya Raitha Vidyuthchakthi Balakedarara Sangha Niyamitha Society” for the fruitful usage of this pilot venture. The essential assignment of this general public is to get installments from BESCOM and disperse these assets among the ranchers. An increment in the Agrarian Creation will be seen through this new scheme launched by the concerned authorities. There will be proper consistent and Adequate force flexibility during the daytime. There will also be a consistent Wellspring of Pay for Ranchers even in unfavorable climatic conditions. This plan will dispense with the need for giving vitality endowment to the ranchers. Moreover, sun based water pump plan will likewise diminish BESCOM’s framework cost and will likewise limit their interest and specialized misfortune.

Benefits Of Surya Raitha Karnataka

Karnataka government will dispatch Surya Raitha Plan to give solar pump sets to the ranchers. Along these lines, the state government will supplant the current water system pump sets with these sun-based water pumps so as to create excess energy. Likewise, the government dispatched this plan on the pilot premise in Kanakapura on 19 January 2019. In the underlying stage, the Karnataka Government will supplant 310 IP sets with sunlight-based water pump sets. These sun-based pumps have around 1.5 occasions the ability to pump more water than the current IP pump Sets. In addition, these pumps will produce 1/third of the all-out vitality created by the close-by power network. Prior, the state Government reports this plan in FY 2014 to satisfy the need of daytime power for ranchers.

Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria while applying for the scheme:-

  • The applicant must be a permanent citizen of Karnataka state.
  • An applicant should be a farmer by profession.
  • The applicant must have their own land.
  • The applicants must be regularly engaged in the farming profession.

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Documents Required

The applicant must submit the following documents while applying for the recruitment:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residential Proof
  • Land Details
  • Bank Account Details
  • Identity Proof
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Valid Mobile Number

Application Procedure Of Karnataka Surya Raitha Scheme 2024

The scheme is a newly launched scheme so much information is yet made public. You can click on the link given here to download the official notification of the scheme.


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