Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024 – Apply Online, Eligibility

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme – A new program has been introduced in Tripura for the welfare of the state’s jobless young people, particularly in goat livestock husbandry. Goat farming is particularly profitable since it yields great returns in a short period of time. To support the expansion and development of the animal husbandry industry, the federal and state governments have jointly implemented a plan that assists livestock upkeep through loans and subsidiaries. A similar program that has a budget of Rs 2 lakh for each unit supports piggeries is also in progress according to the officials.


Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024

On July 15th, 2022, there was a meeting held in the tribal welfare department between the Council of Ministers and the approved scheme named the Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme. As a name, Puno Baniyo means “goat business.” The scheme’s main motive was to help financially the indigenous natives of Tripura.

The plan is that in order to generate a significant amount of money for the state’s indigenous tribal people, a scheme must be credit linked with self-help group members. The money from the scheme is deposited directly into the accounts of self-help group members, who will receive a total of 25,000 rupees.

SHGs are small groups of impoverished people that confront common challenges. They have a common savings account in the bank, which means they have a common fund. From its shared fund, the SHG provides minor loans to its participants.

So the scheme money gets linked to the SHG bank account. Each beneficiary pays Rs 25,100.

The state government pays Rs 1.4 lakh and the rest of Rs 125,500 is deposited as a loan in the accounts of SHG members. Similarly, like a bank that gives loans to its customers, this scheme provides loans to its beneficiaries. Additionally, the plus point is that when these tribal people start earning money from this business, they can pay the loan back in EMIs (installments). Click to know more about Mukhyamantri Chaa Srami Kalyan Prakalpa

Details of Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024

Scheme Tripura Puno Baniya Yojana
Year of launch 2023
Objective/ Aim Financial help for indigenous jobless youth
Beneficiary Only Citizens of Tripura
State Tripura
Official Website Comming Soon

Tripura Voter List

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024 Objectives

The main purpose of the scheme is to benefit the indigenous jobless youth and promote good business to uplift the living standards of the indigenous natives of Tripura.

Government’s Intention behind Promoting only Goat livestock

  • According to the authorities, they specially promoted goat livestock, giving the reason that goats are immune to various diseases and there are fewer chances for any heavy losses.
  • Further, the food in the maintenance for goat rearing is also less than that for other poultry and pig farming.
  • good give high returns in small times span
  • Goods excreta can also be used in the fishery department as fodder.

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme Benefits

  • The benefits of the Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme include:
  • Through this scheme, jobless youth will be given the opportunity to earn from goat farming by giving them subsidies.
  • Through the scheme, loans will also be provided for the same purpose.
  • To increase earnings for tribal people, a money-linked goatery program could be implemented, with Self Help Group (SHG) members receiving Rs 2,51,000 for one unit.
  • Once the beneficiaries start earning, they can pay the loan through the EMI of the income generated by this livestock business.
  • The recipients will receive 12 goats—10 females and 2 males—as a part of this scheme.
  • There are nine months with no installment payments required under this scheme. Click to know more about Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayog Yojana

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024 Elegibility Criteria

Till now, the official eligibility criteria were as follows:

  • The applicant must be a native of Tripura.
  • indigenous jobless youth

Documents Needed

  • Important documents needed for the schema
  • Identity card
  • Aadhar card
  • Email id
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph
  • The domicile of the state
  • SHG member

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024 Application Process

This scheme was recently launched and the government will soon provide the official website from where applicants can apply directly for this scheme, so we will update you as soon as this scheme’s official website is available.


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