AP Government Schemes List 2024 YSR Navaratnalu List, Know Details

AP Government Schemes List – Andhra Pradesh would execute all the YSR Congress’s Navaratnalu initiatives. CM Jagan Mohan Reddy Navaratnalu announced numerous social programs in the AP Budget 2022-23. The AP YSR Government Schemes List 2024 is accessible at ap.gov.in.


AP YSR Government Schemes List 2024

AP government programs aim to improve individuals’ lives. This will be done by providing high-quality education and healthcare, increasing agricultural and allied products, and developing electronics and IT. In today’s article, we will discuss AP Government Schemes List that was promised in Navaratnalu by YSR Congress, especially in the 2020-2021 budget.


Details of AP Government Schemes List

Name AP YSR Government Schemes List
State Andhra Pradesh
Objective Provide Benefits to Citizens
Year 2024
Official Website —–

YSR Amma Vodi Scheme

  • This scheme aims at education as it not only helps poor people financially but also encourages parents to send their children to school as well. The Chief Minister of AP declared Amma Vodi to the citizens of the state.
  • Improvement in the scheme can be seen in the increasing number of beneficiaries every year. According to the government, more than 300,000 new students were admitted into schools as a result of the Amma Vodi scheme.
  • This scheme helps students financially. The government said recipients would get Rs. 15,000 annually. Children from class 1st to class 12th are all eligible for the assistance provided by this scheme. The award will be deposited in the applicant’s mother’s bank account. Only those with White Ration Cards may apply. This bonus requires 75% attendance.
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YSR Rice Card

  • The execution of the rice card program to provide grains to BPL category members has been concluded.
  • Applicants who fall under the category of being financially disadvantaged will also be allowed to participate in this initiative.
  • Rice will be available to those who are eligible for this program for Rs. 2 per kilogram and may be collected from any registered ration store in the state.
  • The execution of this plan has been carried out to provide those in need with food security.

YSR Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme

  • Similar to the Amma vodi plan, the YSR Jagananna Vidya Deevena Scheme Scheme is built on encouraging education.
  • It is also intended for pupils from economically disadvantaged segments of society.
  • The plan specifies that the Andhra Pradesh government would repay the participants’ complete tuition fees if their annual family income is less than or equivalent to Rs. 2.5 lakhs.
  • Beneficiaries of the scheme will get complete tuition fee reimbursement from the Andhra Pradesh authorities if their annual family income is either less than or equal to Rs. 2.5 lakhs, as stated in the program’s description.
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YSR Arogya Asara Scheme

  • The YSR Arogya Asara Scheme is related to the health sector. Getting care through the YSR Arogya Asara Scheme is expensive for people who are in financially weak groups.
  • Patients can get a cash stipend when they leave the hospital because of a new program that the Chief Minister came up with and put into action.
  • For the purpose of covering the beneficiary’s post-treatment costs, the payment of 5000 Indian Rupees will be transferred into their bank account.
  • Beneficiaries may use the money toward the cost of further medical examinations and the purchase of necessary medications.
  • It has been brought to the attention of the state administration that the successful completion of this project would be advantageous to about 4.5 lakh applicants.
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YSR Navasakam Scheme

  1. A welfare scheme was launched in AP state, especially for people in rural areas. The government of the state realized that people who live in rural areas don’t always get the chance to benefit from social and financial welfare projects.
  2. It happens because people don’t have the right facts. When the YSR Navasakam Scheme is put into place, this will stop.
  3. Under this project, twelve different plans have been made. Volunteers in rural areas will get information about the people and make a list of the people who should get the money. Once the list is done, the state will give the applicants new cards for the scheme. It will also help the government keep track of the information about the people who get help.
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Scheme YSR Vasathi Deevena

  • Andhra Pradesh has established another educational welfare plan for hostel kids.
  • Under Vasathi Deevena, the state would provide recipients Rs. 20,000 annually.
  • This money may be used to pay hostel fees and other costs. The state has allotted Rs. 2300 crore for this project. The award goes to the applicant’s mother.
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YSR Law Nestham Scheme

  • December was National Lawyers Day. In 2019, the Chief Minister introduced Law Nestham.
  • The program targets young attorneys and advocates. The plan states that participants would get Rs. 5000. State government will fund the program.
  • The Chief Minister said monthly aid would be provided. Only Bar Council-registered candidates may apply. If the applicant has a vehicle, they won’t get this benefit.
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YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Nestham

  • The chief minister also introduced a new fishing strategy in October 2019. The Department of Fisheries of Andhra Pradesh is in charge of the scheme.
  • Under YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Nestham, registered fishermen would get Rs. 10,000 annually.
  • Their bank accounts will be credited. During the no-fishing time, Rs. 4000 is added. The state will subsidize 50% of fishermen’s fuel.
  • In order to ensure that this program is carried out without a problem, the Chief Minister of the state has already allotted Rs. 720 crores from the available state finances.

Sports Incentive scheme

  • The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh ordered the Sports Incentive Scheme to encourage of sports. Talented athletes who have won national medals will earn grants when this system is implemented.
  • The benefits will promote real sportsmanship. The money will be deposited through Direct Benefit Transfer.
  • First, second, and third place winners will get Rs. 5 lakhs, Rs. 4 lakhs, and Rs. 3 lakhs. Junior athletes get 1,244,000, 75,000, and 50,000.

Scheme of YSR Nethanna Nestham

  • The chief minister introduced the Nethanna Nestham Scheme in an effort to improve the fiscal situation of the state’s handloom weavers.
  • This scheme is restricted to those who are members of the Handloom Weavers Association.
  • In the program guidelines, it is stated that the state government will provide a grant of Rs. 24,000 to certified weavers.
  • The funds will be deposited into the account. Additionally, the state government would assist various other benefits under this scheme such as providing stuff such as looms for their work as well.
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YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme

  • Financial stability is crucial for candidates who are impoverished and vulnerable. In this sentence, the government of Andhra Pradesh introduced the Kanuka Pension Scheme.
  • The pension programme has been introduced for those aged 60 and beyond. The candidates are required to possess BPL certificates.
  • Previously, the plan gave participants a monthly stipend of Rs. 2,250. The sum was thereafter increased to Rs. 3000.
  • To ensure transparency, the payment will be put into the applicant’s bank account. People who are disabled may also readily apply for this assistance.
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YSR Aarogyasri Scheme

  • The Aarogyasri Scheme is open to low- and middle-income families, who may apply for its benefits. The scheme is similar to the Health card which was launched by the Central government in India.
  • The programme has been designed to provide candidates with free medical care.
  • It is an insurance policy that provides free medical care to enrolled family members. Annually, the beneficiary must submit a request for policy renewal.
  • Applicants that are chosen will get a membership card. They may present this identification card at government hospitals to get free care.
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YSR Kapu Nestam Scheme

  • The Prime Minister declared that he would take the necessary steps to empower women from backward areas.
  • The program targets women from the Telaga, kapu, Ontari, and Balija communities. The state government will provide a gift of Rs. 15,000 to the chosen recipients.
  • This stipend will be deposited annually into the relevant beneficiary’s bank account.
  • The money will be useful if the ladies choose to establish small businesses and achieve financial independence.
  • In order to qualify for the benefits of this assistance program, female candidates must be at least 45 years old and younger than 60 years old.
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YSR Vahan Mitra Scheme

  • In October of 2019, the Vahan Mitra Scheme was introduced.
  • A specific financial support program has been developed for the benefit of the state’s Auto Drivers which is why this scheme’s name is Vahan.
  • The program specifies that registered and licensed drivers would get Rs. 10,000 from the state government.
  • Each year, the same amount will be deposited into the beneficiary’s account.
  • The drivers may use this money to pay for vehicle maintenance and repairs. This award may also be used to cover automobile insurance premiums. It will alleviate the financial difficulties of automobile drivers in need.
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YSR Vidya Puraskar Scheme

  • The Andhra Pradesh government encourages students and this scheme is for the welfare of students of the state as well.
  • One project is YSR Vidya Puraskar. The program is for students who aced class 10’s final test. Minority groups (ST, OBC, SC) may apply for the award. BPL and EWS pupils will be prioritized
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YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme

  • The CM budgeted Rs. 560 crores for this project. The state has launched an extraordinary endeavor to improve eye care. Kanti Velugu’s execution was excellent. It’s a multiphase plan.
  • First, schoolchildren received free eye tests under this scheme.
  • In addition to eye exams, the program provides free eyeglasses and eye operations.
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YSR Adarsham Scheme

  • The Chief Minister implemented YSR Adarsham to help unemployed youths of the state
  • The state will subsidize vehicle purchases under this plan.
  • Under this scheme 6000 trucks were distributed, state authorities said. BPL and other disadvantaged classes may get government-subsidized vehicles.
  • It will avoid transportation monopolies, streamline supply, and boost recipients’ income. Beneficiaries’ bank accounts will get the subsidy.

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

  • The YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme ensures farmers’ financial and social stability. Beneficiaries will get Rs. 12,500 annually.
  • Farmers will also get 5 lakhs in life and accident insurance. The state pays for insurance. The state also guarantees recipients free energy and irrigation.
  • The state will set a minimum crop selling price to protect farmers from financial losses.
  • In addition to this, the AP government will also give farmers loans with no interest and free borewells. Each constituency would also get a cold storage area and a place to process food.
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YSR Navodayam Scheme

  • The scheme was launched in 2019 for the state of AP for targeting MSMEs.
  • The owners of businesses that are classified as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) will have the opportunity to apply for a one-time award to support the growth of their companies. Fifty percent of the project’s award will be set aside for women who own businesses. Within the program’s guidelines, it says that the owner of the business must have GST certification in order to get the benefits of the program.

YSR Pelli Kanuka Scheme

  • The YSR Pelli Kanuka Scheme has been made so that brides from poor families can benefit from it.
  • Applicants from the BPL and EWS groups will be able to get the benefits. The benefits are also open to people from OBC, minority, SC, and ST communities. The plan is also available to brides who have any kind of physical disability.
  • The people who will receive the money can get anywhere from Rs. 1.5 lakhs to Rs. How much money a person gets will depend on what category they fall into. You can check the Official website
  • Click Here to Know More about Pelli Kanuka Scheme

AP Government Schemes List Conclusion:

To draw a conclusion, the state government as a whole is committed to providing its citizens with effective governance. No one should be denied access to fundamental services or the opportunity to make a respectable living for themselves.


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