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Patta Chitta – A legal document known as an Online Patta is one that the Tamil Nadu government issues in the name of the real property owner. You can apply online or get it at the district office of the tahsildar. Beginning in 2015, all of the pertinent data from both of these publications have been combined into a single document that is available in Patta. In Tamil Nadu, citizens can now view the ChittaPatta, adangal certificate online. Proof of residency, ration card, citizenship certificate, and information about the family’s yearly income. For the land to have a clear property title, the seller needs a valid Patta. Following the purchase of land, the buyer must submit an application at the relevant Taluka office for the transfer of Patta to the buyer’s name.


What is Patta Chitta 2024

Patta: A piece of land’s revenue record is known as a patta. The government issuing it also goes by the name “Record of Rights” (ROR). The Patta contains information such as the Patta number, district, taluk, and village names, owner’s name, survey number, subdivision, wetland or dryland area, and tax information.

Chitta: A Chitta comprises details about the location, dimensions, and ownership of the property are included in this land revenue form. The village administration officer keeps track of these specifics, and both dry and wetland land types are mentioned.

Since 2015, Patta Chitta, a single document containing all of the land records for Tamil Nadu, has replaced both of these documents. A “Patta” is the name for the document used in Tamil Nadu to establish a person’s legal ownership of property. Since the state of Tamil Nadu published the Tamil Nadu PattaChitta Land Record for its inhabitants, the Patta document can be accessed online and downloaded. The department of revenue is responsible for this service.

The following details are typically included in patta:

  • The district’s, Taluk’s, and village’s names
  • Number of the Patta
  • Owner’s name
  • Survey number and subdivision number
  • Information about the land type- Wetlands or Drylands (NanjaiNilam or PunjaiNilam in Tamil)
  • Land area and tax information

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Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Details

Name Patta Chitta
State Tamil Nadu
Department Department of Revenue
Official Website

Patta Types

The different patta varieties include:

  • The NathamPatta is given to people who don’t possess a home in their revenue community.
  • AD Condition Patta: The circular AdithravidarNalanDasildar is in charge of allocating various pieces of land to the landless tribals and Adithravidars. The individual governor signs the patta and adds a photo of the patta holder.
  • Land Handover Patta: Also known as the “land handover belt,” this is where the government distributes free land to ex-servicemen, underprivileged members of the backward class, etc.
  • TSLR Patta: It means the Town Survey Land Record document
  • UDR (Updating Data Registry), Manual Patta, 2C Patta, and Joint Patta are some of the additional patta types.

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Cost of Patta in Tamil Nadu

Downloading and viewing patta online in Tamil Nadu from the Department of Revenue website are both entirely free. However, if someone wants a modified patta or wants to transfer ownership of the patta, they must pay Rs 100.

Patta Chitta Objective

The digitalization of land records was undertaken by the Tamil Nadu government in 2015 with the goal of streamlining online land record searches. The introduction of the e services site made it possible for citizens to view their patta chitta online.

How can I Submit an Online Patta Chitta Application in Tamil Nadu?

Here is a guide on how to submit an online request for patta chitta land survey information in Tamil Nadu.

  • Choose the View Patta& FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract option.
  • Continue after entering information such as the taluk, village, ward, and survey number. All of the districts will be listed in the drop-down menu, with the exception of Mayiladuthurai, the 38th and most recent district in the state, which was declared in December 2020.
  • The Town Survey Land Registrar will issue you an online certificate with information about your property when you submit.
  • This certificate will include all of the information that is available online on the locality, kind of land, land, survey number details, etc.

Need for Patta

Since a patta serves as legal evidence of a person’s rightful land ownership, it is essential evidence in cases when there is a disagreement between the landholder and the government or another landowner. In the event that the government chooses to purchase the land, one becomes entitled to compensation. Additionally, the online Patta that you can get through the web turns into one of the crucial documents while selling the property.The Patta document proves that the land is legitimately in possession, even in cases of unoccupied plots.

Important Point about Patta Chitta

Only land is eligible for a patta; flats are not. You might have a Patta, though, for the land on which the apartment is situated. A ChittaPatta is typically not granted in this situation since the property on which an apartment building is located is shared among various owners, commonly referred to as the undivided share (UDS).

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How can I get EC Patta Chitta Online?

The EC patta chitta certificates are now available in Tamil Nadu online. Citizens can access the Tamil Nadu PattaChitta website of the Tamil Nadu Department of Survey and Settlement at to receive an online Patta document.

By going to the TNREGINET portal, one can submit an online application for the encumbrance certificate, or EC. The encumbrance certificate, also known as the villangam certificate, is a document that aids in determining whether someone other than the original owner of the property has any authority over it. It covers every transaction related to the property that was recorded for a certain amount of time.

The website of the Tamil Nadu land survey department offers eServices to the state’s residents. They can now access information on their state-owned lands and homes via computers. Use this portal to submit an application to get Patta online. A property owner can obtain information from the websites such as:

View Patta/Chitta copy & A-Register Extract – Rural

View Patta/Chitta copy & A-Register Extract – Urban

Verify web issued Patta/Chitta copy & A-Register Extract

How to Modify Your Name in a Document Step by Step

On the Patta website, the name cannot be changed. Only by physically going to the Tehsildar’s office, which serves as the local administration office, is this possible. Request the Patta Name Transfer Application form when you are at the office. The selling deed, tax receipts, electricity bill, and encumbrance certificate should all be kept on hand in case they are required. Complete the form, have it signed, and send it along with the required documents and application payments. A new Patta may not be granted for up to 30 days while the adjustments take effect. Then, by going to the official website and using their application ID, the applicants in Tamilnadu can check the status of the Patta Name change online.

Is Patta Chitta necessary to sell or buy a flat?

A legal document known as a patta chitta is necessary for transactions involving land. This implies that a construction builder must have this document on hand when working on a home project. Individual buyers, however, are not given access to patta chitta documents.

Documents Required

If you are submitting an online application for the PattaChitta, the following documents are necessary. Keep them close by. These consist of:

It is necessary to have both the original selling deed and a photocopy that has been validated. These have to be turned in to the tehsildar.

Any evidence of property ownership. This includes a receipt for paying property taxes, an electricity bill, or even a certificate of encumbrance.

These documents prove your ownership of the property and your claim to it. The PattaChiita application form may also need to be accompanied by other documents, including identification and residency verification, a ration card, a citizenship certificate, and information about the family’s yearly income.

Online Details for the Patta Chitta Land Survey Number

On the website for Patta records, you can obtain the following details in the PattaChitta document:

  • Name of the Owner
  • Quantity of Patta
  • Sub-division and survey number
  • Name of the district, village and taluk of the owner
  • Area or dimensions of the land
  • Tax details of the owner
  • Dry land or wetland details
  • Chitta land ownership

Online Patta: App-based Services

EK Palaniswami, who was the chief minister at the time, introduced the Android app “AMMA e-service of Land Records” in 2018. In addition to a variety of other services, this mobile app enables users to view land records, or PattaChitta, from their phones.

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How can I use the mobile app to access Patta Chitta?

The Amma e-service of Land Records app has made it simpler to access PattaChitta. The instructions for using this app to access PattaChitta are listed below.

  1. Download the application: Users can download the Amma application from the Google Playstore (AMMA e-service of Land Records).
  2. On A-register, click. People can enter their district name and other information under this column to confirm a variety of items, including the land type, soil, prices per hectare, irrigation systems, and many other things.
  3. By entering the patta number or sub-division number of the pattadhar, Chitta-users can also obtain the pattadhar’s details. To create the results, one must select the “obtain information” option at the bottom of the form.

Is Patta necessary for Tamil Nadu Land Registration?

Physical occupation and possession of buildings and structures can be demonstrated. However, it might not be feasible in the event of vacant land. Thus, in Tamil Nadu, a patta is required as proof of your legal possession of land.

Tamil Nadu became the third state to accept ChittaPatta as proof of land ownership after Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The state administration intended to mandate pattas in 2018 in order to reduce fraud and protect property registrations. Currently, the Patta document or the parent document of the land must be submitted in order to register a property or piece of land.

Is Patta necessary to register an apartment in Tamil Nadu?

The legal instrument known as a patta is necessary for transactions involving land but not for apartment buildings. Since a flat owner merely owns an undivided piece of the land on which the building is situated, no patta is given to them.

Since each flat owner has their own undivided portion of the land, they can all apply together for a joint patta if it is necessary for the redevelopment of an ancient building. To submit an online Patta application, go to the eservices tn gov webpage.

How can I Check the TN Patta Chitta Status Online?

If you submitted an online application for a pattachitta in Tamil Nadu, you can check the status of your application here on the eservices tn gov web portal. For the same, use your application ID. Following the entry of the reference number, you may also confirm the validity of the same. The PattaChitta is available online for a little fee.

How is TN Patta Chitta Verified?

Simply log on to this link on the PattaChitta in Tamil Nadu portal and select the “Verify Patta” option if you want to confirm the PattaChitta. To acquire the PattaChitta online verification, enter the reference number and submit it.

How is Patta Chitta Transferred?

The heir apparent might transfer the patta chitta to their name if a landowner passes away without leaving a Will. If the deceased owner left a Will, his legal heirs may transfer the patta chitta in their names after consulting with one another in accordance with succession law. The patta chitta is transferred in the name of the purchaser if the land is sold.

To transfer Patta, you must submit an application. The appropriate tehsildar’s office is where the application must be delivered. When requesting the transfer of a patta chitta, be sure to provide copies and originals of the sale deed, tax receipts, electricity bill, and encumbrance certificate.

Depending on the results of the investigation conducted by the relevant department, the application may be accepted or rejected. Only Rs 100 is required for a PattaChitta transfer fee.

How can Poramboke land in Patta Chitta be checked online?

Poramboke land is a term used to describe waste land or government-owned land that is not included in the list of revenue records. Following are the ways to check Poramboke land’s Patta online status:

  • Visit pattachitta’s website or go to
  • To verify Poramboke Land, click the link on the home page.
  • Enter the information for the district, village, taluk, survey number, and subdivision number on the page that was redirected.
  • To finish the verification procedure, click submit.

Additional Conditions for Patta Chitta

The Tamil Nadu government may request your documents, including proof of residency, a community certificate with a number, information about your family’s annual income, a family card, a ration card, a GST number, and a project report, along with patta/chitta, in order for you to be eligible for various economic development schemes (for buying land and its development). So, keep these close at hand.


How can I check the status of PattaChitta online? After entering the information, simply go on to the official website at report/status.html to check the status of ChittaPatta. What does it cost to purchase Patta Chitta online? For the PattaChitta record, you must make a little payment of Rs 100. Who is the patta’s issuer? The Tamil Nadu government issuing patta. It can be received from the district’s tahsildar’soffice.