How to Get a PUC Certificate Or Pollution Under Control Certificate (Car

PUC Certificate – Every person we encounter is tenacious and makes rapid progress toward achieving success in life. The development has come to be somewhat associated with the degradation of the environment and air quality. Vehicle production has grown significantly. These two, three, or four-wheeled vehicles are the ones that pollute the most. Even though the problem occasionally receives attention, the pollution index is rising internationally. You can obtain the government’s Pollution under Control Certificate for our automobiles as an important member of society. Additionally, the IRDAI has stated that in order to renew your vehicle insurance coverage, you must have a valid PUC certificate. Read the complete post to get complete information related to PUC Certificate


What is PUC Certificate?

Considering the huge number of vehicles on the road, a centralized system is required to monitor each vehicle’s emissions. The Government of India has mandated the Pollution Under Control certificate, or PUC certificate, for this requirement as part of the Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989, in order to guarantee that all vehicles adhere to the emission standards. With the help of the PUC certificate, you can prove that your car complies with all of the governmental environmental criteria.

In simpler words, the PUC certificate is a legitimate document that demonstrates the vehicle’s pollution level is considerably below the limit set by the government. Only an authorized testing facility may provide a Pollution Under Control Certificate, and only after a thorough examination of the vehicle’s petrol emissions should the certificate be granted. The vehicle pollution certificate must include the test results.

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Pollution Under Control Certificate Details in Highlights

Name PUC Certificate
Full Name Pollution Under Control Certificate
Introduced by IRDAI
For Vehicles Car & Bike
Application Mode Online / Offline Both
Official Website

Why is PUC Certificate Necessary?

A Pollution Under Control Certificate is required since it attests that a vehicle’s emissions are below the Government of India’s standards for pollution control. Every type of vehicle will produce smoke, and routine inspections help to guarantee that the overall pollution level stays within acceptable limits. This is critical because the carbon released by cars worsens air pollution. Thus, the PUC certificate verifies if the car complies with pollution regulations and doesn’t affect the environment. To obtain a PUC certificate from an official center, the motor vehicle must go through a pollution test to determine its emission levels. A vehicle owner is required by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 to have certain documentation, including proof of auto insurance, registration, a Driving Licence, and a PUC certificate.

Therefore, a PUC certificate is a legitimate document that gives permission for a vehicle to operate legally on public highways. The owner of the car will be forced to pay a fine for not possessing a current PUC certificate. In the case of a new car, the pollution certificate is valid for a year; however, the car will need to undergo periodic PUC testing after that. For the rest of India, the PUC certificate is only valid for six months; in Delhi, it is valid for three months. The pollution certificate may be revoked even with a current Pollution Under Control Certificate if the emissions are discovered to be higher than the permitted limits, and a new one must be obtained within seven days.

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Benefits of the PUC Certificate

Some of the key benefits of the Pollution Under Control Certificate are as follows:

  • By making sure your car emissions are under the allowed levels, you’ll be assisting in maintaining a clean environment because air pollution may have a disastrous effect on the ecology globally.
  • According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, the Government of India mandates the possession of a PUC Certificate, and failure to possess one may result in penalties.
  • Your vehicle’s pollution levels and whether it needs repair will become apparent when you renew your PUC certificate on a regular basis every six months. This will allow you to have it checked before the issue grows more serious.
  • One of the required documents you need to have in order to renew your auto insurance is a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate.

Details Mentioned

The details mentioned on the Pollution Under Control Certificate for car or bikes are as follows:

  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Serial number of the PUC Certificate
  • PUC test date
  • PUC test date validity
  • PUC test reading

Steps to Obtain a Pollution Under Control Certificate through an Offline Mode

To obtain a PUC Certificate through offline mode, the user needs to follow the below given steps:

  • Bring your car, two wheels or four wheels to the closest emission testing facility
  • By inserting the testing device inside the vehicle’s exhaust pipe, the testing facility operator will assess the exhaust output
  • With the emission readings, the operator will create the PUC certificate
  • Get the pollution certificate and pay the necessary payments

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Steps to Obtain a PUC Certificate through an Online Mode

To obtain a Pollution Under Control Certificate through an online mode, the user needs to follow the below given steps:

  • First of all, go to the official website of Parivahan i.e.,
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen
  • Click on the PUC Certificate tab
  • A new page will open on the screen
  • Now, enter the vehicle registration number, chassis number, and the verification code
  • After that, enter the captcha code
  • Click on the PUC Details button and the Pollution Under Control Certificate will open on the screen
  • Finally download the certificate and take out its printout for future reference

Steps for Vehicle Emission Test for Issuing PUC Certificate

The user needs to follow the below given steps for Vehicle Emission Test for Issuing Pollution Under Control Certificate:

  • Along with your vehicle, visit the emission testing center.
  • Place the car in the recommended position
  • The operator of the testing facility will insert the device into the exhaust pipe
  • Starting the car allows for the analysis of exhaust emissions
  • The computer screen will show the readings.
  • The operator will produce a PUC certificate by clicking a picture of the license plate.
  • Pay the fee to get the certificate.

Pollution Under Control Certificate Fee

  • The price of getting a Pollution Under Control Certificate varies from one state to another and is determined by the type of vehicle and fuel being used. For a car or bike, the PUC Certificate costs anything from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100.
  • A PUC certificate is offered when you buy a new car, and it has a one-year expiration date. After then, your vehicle would need to pass the PUC test on a regular basis, and a fresh certificate would be given each time.
  • The replacement certificate normally has a six-month validity period. If a negative reading is found during the PUC test, the reading will be used to determine if the certificate is still valid.
  • The RTO, Deputy RTO, or Assistant RTO will be notified by the testing centre of the registration number of the vehicle within one day if cars demonstrate higher levels of emission than the permitted limits.

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PUC Test Criteria and Certificate

Vehicle Type Hydrocarbon measured in ppm Percentage of CO
2 and 3 wheeled vehicles 2 stroke that are manufactured after 31st March 2000 6000 3.5
2 and 3 wheeled vehicles 2 or 4 stroke that are manufactured on or before 31st March 2000 9000 4.5
2 and 3 wheeled vehicles 4 stroke that are manufactured after 31st March 2000 4500 3.5
4 wheeled vehicles that are manufactured as per the Pre Bharat Stage II Norms 1500 3
4 wheeled vehicles that are manufactured as per the Pre Bharat Stage II, Stage III or subsequent Norms 750 0.5


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